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Kun Agüero’s team wants Lionel Messi in the Kings League

Messi and Kun Aguero in the Argentine National Team.

Photo: Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

KuniSports, Kun Agüero’s team in the Kings League, tries to seduce Lionel Messi to join his team and play even one match in the Kings League. For this, he has launched several publications through his social networks and Kun himself spoke about the possibility.

In this way, from Agüero’s team’s Instagram, a post was made that drove all the fans crazy for the possibility of seeing Kun and Lionel Messi together again on a pitch, who were about to meet at FC Barcelona and that if they lived great experiences together in the Argentine National Team.

KuniSports post about Lionel Messi

From the KuniSports account a post was published that said the following: “One Last Dance, together“, something that evidently ignited the rumors about an alleged appearance of Messi in the Kings League. Something that looks complicated but cannot be ruled out.

The Kings League is an event organized by Gerard Piqué, Ibai Llanos and The Gref, which has had significant success in its first season and it is estimated that a second one will be carried out with the same or even greater success.

Stars such as Chicharito Hernández, Joan Capdevilla, Gabriel Cichero, Kun Agüero himself have participated in this league with a football 7 formatamong others.

What does Kun Agüero say about Messi and the Kings League?

Kun Agüero assured weeks ago that both Lionel Messi and any other important player have the doors open in the Kings League and that their situation at the end of the season will depend on the Argentine star.

It would be very nice, but you still have to see because 12 can play, so one of the two is going to have to leave. Obviously he’s going to play and I stream“said the Kun.

For now they are only speculations but the presence of Messi would not be ruled out even if it is in a Kings League match next season. Surely because of the friendship between Lío and Kun, they have already talked about it, so we have to wait.

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