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Kun Agüero returns to the courts as a guest star of Barcelona de Guayaquil of Ecuador

Former Argentine soccer player Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero played again this Saturday on a soccer field more than a year after retiring for a heart condition, and he did it with the Ecuadorian Barcelona shirt to participate in the Yellow Night of the Guayaquil club.

Agüero participated for 18 minutes in the friendly match of the Yellow Night that measured Barcelona against Mushuc Runaand that allowed the Ecuadorian club to appear before its public for the new season and also to fire the Argentine Matías ‘Pony’ Oyola, who played with the Guayaquil club for thirteen years.

The ‘Kun’, whose participation was in doubt at the beginning of the week due to a slight muscle injury that occurred last week while participating in the King’s Leaguethe 7-a-side soccer tournament organized by Gerard Piqué, gave way to Oyola and the local team won with a goal from Uruguayan Agustín Rodríguez.

Although Agüero played little, he conquered the hearts of the Barcelona fans, more because of his relaxed and cheerful way of facing and living each moment, to such an extent that the Barcelona administration gave him the opportunity to be registered as an honorary member of the club.

On the eve of the game, the former player of Independiente de Avellaneda, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona, ​​from Spain; He enjoyed a special dinner with members and fans of the Ecuadorian club, in which he assured that he now enjoys football more than when he was acting professionally.

The emotion and identification that the former Argentine attacker lived with the Barcelona family was so great that he promised to return to the “Yellow Night” of the next year. “As a spectator, entertainer or whatever, but I’m here,” said ‘Kun’.

The only goal of the match between Barcelona and Mushuc Runa fell as a result of a great match between Gabriel Cortez, Damián ‘Kitu’ Díaz and the Uruguayan Rodríguez, who took advantage of a rebound from goalkeeper Adonis Pavón.

Some 40,000 fans attended the Yellow Night, in which Barcelona presented its figures for the 2023 season, in which it will once again play the Copa Libertadores.

Among the figures who shared the field with ‘Kun’ Agüero were his compatriots such as goalkeeper Javier Burrai, attackers Christian Ortiz and Jonathan Bauman; the Uruguayans Bruno Piñatares and Agustín Rodríguez and the Brazilian midfielder Leonai Souza.

They were also joined by the Argentine naturalized Ecuadorians Luca Sosa and ‘Kitu’ Díaz, while the Argentine Francisco Fydriszewski, top scorer from last season in the Ecuadorian league with Aucas, he did not make his debut.

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