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Kristin Kaspersen replaces Petra Mede in Let’s Dance – due to back problems

Kristin Kaspersen will host the spring season of Let’s Dance together with David Lindgren. She jumps in instead of Petra Mede who cannot participate due to back problems.

Photo: TV4

Kristin Kaspersen is no stranger to Let’s Dance – in 2019 she took home the victory in Let’s Dance together with Calle Sterner after an exciting final against Magdalena Forsberg.

– I love Let’s Dance! In this situation, the most important thing is that Petra takes care of herself. There is only one Petra Mede but I am incredibly proud to be asked to replace her. I will admit that since joining four years ago and competing, I have missed the Let’s Dance bubble so much. I will do my utmost to, together with David, the dancers, participants and jury, ensure that it will be a fantastic season. And oh, what fun I’m going to have!, says Kristin Kaspersen.

Photo: TV4

– I’m so incredibly sorry that I can’t host Let’s Dance this year, but my health doesn’t allow it right now. However, I will be glued to the TV every Saturday night. It wasn’t long ago that I told Kristin that she is one of the best presenters we have. I know she and David will put on an outstanding Let’s Dance this year. Kristin has won the whole tjotaballon once for God’s sake. I wish all participants the best of luck, says Petra Mede.

When does Let’s Dance 2023 premiere?

Let’s Dance has its season premiere on March 18 on TV4 Play and TV4.

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