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Kodjo Akolor ready for Let’s Dance 2023

Now it is clear that Kodjo Akolor is one of the participants in Let’s Dance 2023. On Instagram, the comedian and presenter talks about his hopes for participating in the popular program.

Photo: TV4

In a post on the program’s Instagram account, TV personality and comedian Kodjo Akolor says that he is one of the Swedish celebrities who participate in Let’s Dance 2023.

Kodjo Akolor: “Wants to entertain”

“I’m going to take the next big dance step in my career and become one of the participants in Let’s Dance“, says Akolor, and goes on to say what he hopes to achieve with his participation:

“More than anything, I hope that all of you at home find it fun and entertaining to see me in the box doing a cha cha, rumba, foxtrot or what have you! Because at the end of the day, it’s you I want to entertain and no one else.”

Let’s Dance premieres on March 18 on TV4 Play & TV4.

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