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Kobe Bryant’s ’24’ shirt with Los Angeles Lakers is auctioned for a record amount

Kobe Bryant with the LA Lakers in 2012.

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A Los Angeles Lakers jersey with Kobe Bryant’s number 24 on the back, used in 25 NBA games, was sold Thursday for 5,849,700 dollars in an online auction from Sotheby’s. This sports garment was valued between 5 and 7 million dollars by Sotheby’s, making it the most expensive garment ever sold by the iconic player.

Kobe Bryant’s yellow and purple number 24 jersey, sold by an anonymous owner, the player wore it in 25 games the year he was named the best player of the 2007-2008 season, according to Sotheby’s.

“This shirt It has infiltrated our global popular culture in a way perhaps no other sports artifact has done before, and has become iconic and synonymous with the image of Kobe Bryant.” highlights the auction house in a statement.

In addition, the buyer, also anonymous, will take a photographic batch of Greg Cohen, the photographer who captured with his camera various murals in which artists have immortalized the player wearing this shirt.

Bryant had two official Lakers jerseys, one with the number 8 and another with the 24.

kobe Bryant was a legend of the NBA and the Lakers, where he played for 20 years and won five championship rings. Also, let’s remember that He died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others.

At auction on September 16, 2022, A jersey Michael Jordan wore in the 1998 NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls sold for $10.1 millionexceeding the price of a Diego Maradona shirt sold in early 2022 for $9.28 million.

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