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Know your payment dates

The IPVA 2022 RJ was released, and through it it will be possible to check all dates according to the numerical end of the license plate, and choose to pay in cash to receive discounts.

What this article covers:

IPVA 2022 calendar released by the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro

It will be possible for drivers to carry out the appropriate IPVA 2022 RJ consultations, because all dates are released according to the numerical end of their vehicle’s license plate.

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Drivers will have the opportunity to choose when to pay the IPVA in a single installment, or if they choose to pay in 3 installments. These dates were disclosed through the State Treasury Department and presented in the Official Gazette of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

How is the licensing fee?

The licensing fee had no information disclosed, and this Fee Collection Guide (GRT) is specifically a charge with reference to the annual licensing that makes it possible to issue the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV).

This document currently exists only in digital form. In the case of GRTthis must be issued via the Banco do Bradesco website only in January 2022 and be paid in cash.

How to know the value of IPVA 2022 RJ?

IPVA 2022 RJ rates usually vary by a percentage from 1% to 6%, and these variances occur due to the market value of each vehicle, according to the definitions established by the Fipe Table.

The calculation must be done by multiplying the value of the vehicle by the tax rate and dividing it by 100. To understand in detail, check out the example:

  • Vehicle market value: BRL 50,000;
  • IPVA rate: 3%;
  • IPVA RJ: 50,000 x 3 = 150,000 / 100 = BRL 1,500.00.

In this way, the amount to be paid will be R$ 1,500.00 and currently, Rio de Janeiro has one of the highest amounts of this tax, together with SP and MG. Another way to pay and receive a discount would be in cash.

Rio de Janeiro IPVA 2022 calendar

The IPVA calendar for 2022 has finally been released, and drivers will be able to check the dates for the single payment of this tax:

single payment

  • Final 0 – January 21
  • Final 1 – January 24th
  • Final 2 – January 25th
  • Final 3 – January 26th
  • Final 4 – January 27th
  • Final 5 – January 28
  • Final 6 – January 31
  • Final 7 – February 1st
  • Final 8 – February 2
  • Final 9 – February 3

It will be possible to issue the bank slip in January through the IPVA Portal, by typing the RENAVAM number in the requested field.

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