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Know your lucky color in 2023, according to your zodiac sign

Colors have a great influence on our lives and according to astrologers, also on the signs of the zodiac, so there is a tone that brings good omens for you in 2023.

Whether you use it in a daily garment, in a quartz, accessory or decorate your home, this color will bring you luck by increasing your positive vibes. Next, we tell you which one is based on a review by astrologers from Astrocentro.

The color of 2023 for those born under the sign of Aries is redHowever, when they want to use it, they should try to make it a muted and warm tone. Astrologers recommend wearing only one garment a day so that it does not intensify.

This 2023 your lucky color is pink, tone that will help you have luck in love and prosper in your economy. If you are a woman, you can use it in your makeup, and for men in a bracelet or pendant.

The color of Gemini for the year 2023 is yellow., which will improve your sense of humor and attract positivity in any aspect of your life. Astrologers recommend using it especially in important events, such as job interviews and contract signings.

White is the color that will bring luck to Cancer during 2023. In addition to fortune, it will help you find peace, calm your mind and appease nervousness. If you are of this sign, the recommendation is to light a white candle on the first day of the year and of each month.

ANDl green will be the lucky color for Leo, tone that will motivate your leadership, strength and help channel your intensity to positive things. Also, using it in bracelets, amulets and quartz will make you wiser when making important decisions, especially in the professional field.

Honey color is lucky for Virgo in 2023. Light a candle of this tone to improve your relationships, reconcile with friends or family and get closer to the people you love.

The color gold will bring luck to Libra in 2023. This will help you find calm and peace in difficult times. If you are indecisive, use gold to find wisdom and choose correctly.

The color silver is the one that augurs luck for all scorpions in 2023. When you go to work, use it so that your opinions are more heard and you are taken into account for more important things.

The lucky color of Sagittarius is purple.which will help you focus on things that are worthwhile and stay stuck in problems and emotions.

Your color for 2023 is navy bluewhich you can use to clear your love doubts, discard worries, have more patience and so that your desires arrive faster.

ANDhe lucky color for those born under the sign of Aquarius is gray. In addition to attracting fortune, it will help you to be calm, calm and will make you look more empowered.

Sky blue is the lucky color for Pisces in 2023. Astrologers suggest lighting a candle of this color in the first days of the year to have more tranquility and joy in your life.

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