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Know who is entitled to maternity aid

Women will be entitled to receive maternity aid if they are pregnant and close to giving birth, but there are requirements that must be followed in order to be able to receive the amounts of this benefit generated by the INSS.

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Who is entitled to Maternity Allowance?

Maternity aid is offered to pregnant women who are close to giving birth or after the birth of the baby and in other cases to men, so that it can bring financial security to this professional’s family, in addition to providing a dignified life for the child. newborn.

What are the requirements to receive Maternity Allowance?

To receive maternity aid, the worker must have a contract CLTbe a maid, make individual contributions or be optional, or a special insured person.

Women who have had a miscarriage who give birth to a stillborn fetus may receive the benefit in different situations. The first would be for non-criminal abortion at 23 weeks of pregnancy and the second, non-criminal abortion after 23 weeks due to fetal death.

How many months do I need to contribute to be entitled to maternity aid?

Receiving maternity aid is possible after a minimum grace period of about 10 monthly contributions to the National Social Security Institute (INSS), and you must be insured to receive this benefit.

If, for some reason, the pregnant woman has a high-risk pregnancy, she may be away for a period longer than 15 days, as she will be entitled to receive sick pay, which will be changed to maternity leave, from the moment the baby is born. born.

However, the pregnant woman needs to contribute to the INSS to avoid any fraud, that is, to start payments only when she discovers the pregnancy to be able to receive the maternity aid benefit.

How to make the request?

The employee who is pregnant may apply for maternity aid through the medical certificate that contains the previous date for the baby to be born. In this case, the pregnant woman leaves for a period of 28 days before her delivery.

There are pregnant women who choose to take paid vacations after the end of their maternity leave, and there is nothing in the CLT that can really prevent the amendment of benefits to others, only HR needs to be aware of these negotiations to avoid future problems.

Finally, the pregnant woman will have the full right to remain with her newborn child, with the guarantee of receiving her maternity aid without risking losing her job, in addition to having her husband help to take care of the baby throughout this period. .

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