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Know which signs are the most materialistic of the zodiac

For the most materialistic signs of the zodiac, money is synonymous with happiness. They associate luxuries and belongings with status and success, so they are able to label you based on what you have.

Astrology can help us understand our personality, tastes and preferences based on the energy that the planets and stars imprint on us. In this way, it is possible to know our tendency to be materialistic.

And it is that the zodiacal signs are a way of explaining why there are people who place greater emphasis, for example, on designer clothes, luxury cars, visits to restaurants and fashionable clubs, etc., because for them the Money is what moves the world.

Based on the opinion of astrologers on the BestLife site, we tell you which zodiac signs have the most materialistic tendencies.

The most materialistic sign of the zodiac is Taurus because, according to experts, being ruled by Venus, the planet of values ​​and love, and being the ruler of the Second House, associated with material goods, loves everything related to luxury. You thrive when you are surrounded by comfort, so you often measure your self-worth by how much money you have.

In second place is Leo, who likes to be the center of attention, therefore, usually do it wearing the best and most expensive clothes. They do not mind spending exorbitant sums of money on a pair of shoes, bags, shirts or watches, because for them things are synonymous with status. However, when they overdo their need to impress, they can easily lose count and spend what they don’t have.

Aries see material goods as a way to differentiate themselves from others, according to experts. They associate power with material things and do not want to look less than others. This tendency arises from their competition, inherited by their ruler Mars, and from their tendency to always want to be first.

As a mutable air sign, to Gemini loves impulse buys and loves showing off her new purchases at social gatherings. Although they do not do it as a presumption, deep down they want to stand out and be unique, however, they give the impression of being materialistic.

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