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Know which signs are less compatible with Aries

Zodiacal compatibility, in addition to telling us with which signs we are more likely to be successful in a relationship, also reveals who our energy is out of sync with and who are difficult to establish a harmonious connection with. Aries, being a sign ruled by Mars, is passionate, warm and somewhat stormy in love, so not everyone in the horoscope understands their way of loving..

The first sign of the zodiacal circle is a combination of confidence, passion, temperament and petulanceso those who try to tame it have no chance of conquering it.

As a wild fire sign you are flirtatious and take the initiative when it comes to romance. He does his best to attract attention and moves quickly to seduce his romantic interest. Thus, the signs that are compatible with Aries should be just as exciting and energetic as they are, say astrologers from Horoscope.com.

That said, which signs are the least compatible? Based on their motivations and astrological characteristics, the following members of the horoscope are incompatible with Aries.


While both are equally passionate, their planetary energies are incompatible. Scorpio only gets 100% involved when they have shown loyalty and trust, Aries does not have the patience or time for the times that the Scorpio needs.

The zodiac ram does not like to make promises and can get bored easily. In addition, since he is explosive, he does not support the emotional outbursts of Scorpio, comments the Thought Catalog site.


Virgo and Aries cannot rationally resolve their differences. On the one hand, Virgo thrives on stability and patience, and Aries is frustrated with the calm with which this sign treats relationships and tackles problems.

Virgo tries to get to the root of all issues no matter how long it takes to do so, and Aries is a sign that prefers to turn the page quickly, so they can get bored and fed up with the relationship.


Both can feel an immediate attraction, as Pisces is empathetic and sympathizes with the passion of Aries, while the ram admires the creativity and intuition of the sign of the fish. However, when they meet below the surface their personalities clash.

Pisces is overly sentimental and doesn’t handle the bouncy personality of Aries calmly, who can be too energetic and explosive for the emotional Pisces.

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