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Know which planets are retrograde in January and how they affect you

While January 2023 started with 3 retrograde planets, Mars, Mercury and Uranusthe good news is that during this first month they will culminate their setback and there will be no more retrogrades for a few weeks, so astrology predicts that it will be a better month than the previous ones in 2022.

The retrogrades of Mars and Mercury are the ones we feel the most as inner planets, so now that they turn direct, their effects will be liberating. It should be noted that Mars is the planet that governs hostility, action, passion and confrontations, while Mercury is in charge of communication, thoughts and ideas.

For its part, Uranus is an outer planet, which means that its effects are less noticeable, considering that it remains retrograde for 5 months every year.

A retrograde planet occurs when it “reduces” its speed in the sky and seems to move backwards. Although it is only an optical effect due to our position on Earth, that is, they never really go backwards, if they have consequences for us.

Below, find out what effects are visible during the January retrogrades and what will happen now that this process is complete.

Retrograde Mars – October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023

When the red planet began its retrograde in Gemini on October 30, it caused a period of review, reflection on communication issues and ideas, which made it more difficult to express ourselves as we wish.

Now let it go direct on January 12 we will feel the need to address all the conflicts we had been avoiding, as Elite Daily commented in an article. Things will gradually start to pick up after a slow period.

Retrograde Mercury – December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

During Mercury retrograde misunderstandings abound, we have communication problems, there are major delays, however now that it turns direct in Capricorn on January 18 things are about to change.

It will encourage us to be more productive and organized; now will be the time to engage in important discussions with logic and clarity, plan goals, future endeavors, and communication will be more structured and traditional.

Retrograde Uranus – August 24, 2022 to January 22, 2023

Uranus began its retrograde in Taurus and since it is further from Earth its effects are less noticeable. This star is known for his rebellious energy, free spirit and for causing unexpected changes. Its retrogrades lead us to experience an internal transformationwhen it goes direct, it will be the best time to make the external changes.

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