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Know when to use each type of sheet

THE bedding is essential for the well-being of residents. The right trousseau provides a good night’s sleep and also contributes to the decoration of the environment.

Comfort and durability are key to the bed sheet. (Photo: Disclosure)

Among the most important pieces of the bedding set, it is worth highlighting the sheets. These items are responsible for lining the mattress and making rest more enjoyable.

What this article covers:

How to choose sheets?

With so many sheet options selling on the market, it is difficult to define which model is ideal. Check out the following important tips on how to choose sheets:

• Threads per inch and wefts determine the softness and durability of each sheet;

• Before buying a sheet, it is important to keep in mind the measurements of the bed;

• Natural fabrics are best suited, such as cotton, linen and hemp. They never go out of style, they are soft, comfortable and absorbent;

• The bigger the number of threads in a sheet, the more comfortable it tends to be. High quality, however, is also often reflected in the price;

• Bedding made from natural fibers and spaced weaves are appropriate for hot nights, as they help to cool you down.

Types of sheets and when to use them

Egyptian cotton sheet is noble and expensive. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the following main types of sheets and when to use them:

Sheet 100% cotton 180 threads: It is a common bed linen, used on a daily basis, with a pleasant texture and an affordable price.

Sheet with flannel: Perfect for keeping your bed warm in the winter.

Sheet 100% cotton 400 thread count: it is characterized by its satin touch and has a much higher quality. The nobility of the fabric makes this sheet a noble piece and used in refined beds.

satin sheet: the fabric is noble, made with silk, but the weaves are more closed. It has a delicious soft touch.

morning sheet: ideal for dressing the bed of those who don’t have time to iron clothes.

Silk sheet: its use is recommended on cold days, as the natural fabric retains heat.

Egyptian cotton sheet: the material used in manufacturing is considered to be the finest and most elegant in existence. The piece is usually expensive, but it lasts for many years and becomes increasingly soft.

percale sheet: the fabric is usually mixed, with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Unlike pure cotton, it acquires balls and can itch. For the most affordable price, this sheet is used daily.

The fitted sheet is quite functional but difficult to fold. (Photo: Disclosure)

Elastic sheet: ideal piece for people looking for facilities when putting on bed linen. The only drawback is the difficulty in folding.

Thermal blanket: the piece has a heating system with high technology and is ideal for winter.

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