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Know what is the qualified quorum?

Qualified quorum refers to the number of people required to participate in an assembly, in which a specific topic is decided. This decision, in addition to discussion, will be decided by vote.

For the vote to be considered legitimate, the assembly must have a number of validated representatives, that is, who have the power to vote. Some of the situations in which we will find a qualified quorum is in companies, residents’ associations or condominiums and in the political sphere.

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What is the qualified quorum?

The qualified quorum was created so that a group of people from a certain group can make decisions about a matter through votes. In it there are some guidelines that must be respected to be legitimized as a quorum.

What is the qualified quorum for?

The qualified quorum serves to ensure that a number of representatives are present at assemblies or meetings, so that decision-making on proposed topics can be carried out in a consensual way, whether in a condominium, in a company or in parliament, for example.

What types of qualified quorum?

In the qualified quorum of simple majority, the orientation is 50% of the votes plus one, in this situation those present at the meeting where a vote will take place are considered.

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In the qualified quorum of absolute majority, the rule considers all those who can vote on a given issue. Votes are counted per unit and the majority of votes wins.

However, when the half of the group is not exact, the next integer corresponds to half. For example, in a group with 41 representatives, half would be 20.5, so the absolute majority of the group would be considered 21.

And finally, the qualified majority quorum, in which the representatives must be ⅔ or ⅗ of the total, considers all the members of the group.

How does qualified quorum work?

Although quorums are meetings for decision-making on a given situation by means of a vote, it usually starts with the presentation or resumption of some information, continues with the topic to be discussed and ends with voting and counting. They vary slightly by topic, depending on which area the qualified quorum is being held.

If the qualified quorum is in a condominium, matters related to it will be extra fees, repairs or services, election of new trustee, fines. When it is a parliamentary quorum, matters are related to projects, amendments. In the case of a quorum of a company, the topics can be about finances, internal policies, change of statute.

How important is it to know the qualified quorum?

It is important to contribute to the definition of the decisions of the groups that use this method of assembly, where the decisions need to be made by the group, for this, as already stated, the use of the vote is the main tool to deal with the issue in an adequate and fair way. to everyone involved.

According to what was presented, the quorum does not belong to just one area of ​​action, we mention three areas, in which we can have this type of assembly and even explaining their types, within each area we find some variables when naming the meeting.

How important is knowing the qualified quorum?
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While in the administrative area, in addition to being based on types, they also deal with the installation and deliberation quorum, the same occurs in condominium assemblies with quorums: presence, voting and approval.

All are related to voting on a certain topic, but the areas present these divisions to streamline the process in qualified quorums. Now that you know about it, check if your condo has one, and if you’re interested, get in one and help improve the community.

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