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know the step by step to access the app

Together with Auxílio Brasil, the federal government launched an app related to the program. In the same way that Auxílio Brasil is a remodeling of the old Bolsa Família, this new application is, in this case, just an already updated version of the old program.

Through this application there is a way to check in order to find out if you will be one of the beneficiaries and what will be the amount to be received through the benefit. According to the payment schedule, the amount began to be transferred to beneficiaries this Wednesday, November 17th, and will end on Tuesday, November 30th.

What this article covers:

How to access the Auxílio Brasil app?

It is necessary to install the application on your cell phone, which is available for Android and iOS. People who already had the Bolsa Família app only need to update it in the store.

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The next step is to open the application and select the “consult” option. Login can be done either with the password used in the old Bolsa Família program or with the one created in Caixa Tem. If you do not have a login in any of the two applications, simply register with Auxílio Brasil. Finally, just login with your CPF and password to consult the benefit.

What are the other ways to check whether or not you are entitled to the benefit?

If you want to make another query without using the app, you can check the approval and also the cost of the benefit just by calling your phone. To do this, just dial the number 0800 426 02 07 and, after calling it, type option 3 on the keyboard, which refers to Auxílio Brasil and other programs.

Then, you must select option 4 on your keyboard, which is responsible for informing you if you are one of the people included in the program and, finally, you only need to enter your number NIS or CPF.

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