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Know the spiritual meaning of throwing rice at weddings

Throwing rice at weddings to the newlyweds is one of the most popular wedding traditions.. This ritual dates back to very ancient times and is loaded with some pretty interesting spiritual symbolism.

The launch of this cereal to the newlyweds is a symbolic wish for prosperity and fertilityand although it is a rite linked to the religious ceremony, the tradition has its origin before Christianity.

The Celts threw rice at a couple to appease the spirits of the gods and ask for their blessing, the Romans did it to wish prosperity, fertility and happiness to a newly formed couple; in India they have a similar tradition, although flower petals are used instead of rice.

Regardless of the culture, rice is a very important food in the history of mankind. The spiritual meaning is wealth, fertility, purity and good health so that by throwing it to the newlyweds you are wishing them good fortune for lifespiritual and wedding experts tell sites like Well+Good and

The tradition of throwing rice to newlyweds has begun to wane, experts say, due to the belief that it is a danger to birds. However, it is not something that has been scientifically proven, they emphasized.

For this reason, many couples have chosen to replace the rice with other symbolic elements such as rose petals, lavender flowers, confetti or ringing bells.

Bowl of rice.
Rice symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Photo: Shutterstock

Homemade rituals with rice

The esoteric meaning of rice is abundance and prosperity, so it is very common to use it in home rituals. Some options are:

Put a handful of rice and other seeds in a bowl along with 7 coins and put it behind the front door to attract money.

Add the water we use to boil the rice to the bucket with water that we will use to clean the house. With this ritual you will promote protection and attract prosperity.

Put on your small spiritual altar (where you have religious images or keep your energy tools such as quartz) a small plate with a handful of rice to call prosperity.

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