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Know the signs, their types of kisses and their compatibility

The secret of each sign’s kiss will be revealed in this article! You’ll find out how this guy you’re with flirting flirts, so you already know what to expect from the first kiss. he will tell you more about your love compatibility! So, does your crush kiss well? look at the types of kisses of each astrological sign!

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Aries’ kiss, like her personality, is a wave of warmth and enthusiasm. This sign sinks deep into the kiss, no matter if it’s your first date or if you’ve been practicing kissing the longest.
Don’t expect a docile kiss from Aries. If you prefer kisses like that, then you’re not going to like Aries’ kiss. That’s because Aries are never docile, let alone when it comes to kissing.
If you’ve never kissed anyone, trying the lewd Aries kiss is a good start. That’s because you’ll have a very high standard to compare to in the future.


Want to know how each sign kisses without having to kiss everyone? The Taurus kiss is definitely a kiss you will want to try. He knows what a kiss is supposed to be and he’s happy to show it to the other mere mortals of the zodiac.
The contact of the bull’s lip is finely tuned, seductive and infinitely intimate. In the midst of so many deliberate kisses and expressing the feelings of the soul, you could end up drowning.
When the kiss is over, you will surely feel confused and your heart will be very agitated.
Taurus is not from that era and will transport you to a lost era of real, honest romance with his kiss.

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The Gemini kiss is provocative and fun. It is an intellectually stimulating kiss and, at the same time, it awakens sweetness.
Their kisses are usually preceded by teasing jokes and there is a lot of arguing and laughing, probably even in a foreign language, because Gemini is really intellectual.
Since you want to know what each sign’s kiss is like, you should be aware that there is no other zodiac sign that can bring back the charm of the first kiss.
Even if you’ve kissed many mouths, the twins’ kiss will recreate the same charm and vibrant heart you felt in your first kiss.


The Cancer Kiss can bring warmth from home wherever you are, in your car, on the beach, or even on a crowded subway. Cancer kisses are like a warm and sincere hug that draws you into a fairy tale in the best “Happily ever after” style.
Have you ever tried to define something that is modest and welcoming? What is distant but captivating? What is tender but playful? Which one is deep and sensual, but casual and seductive? Cancer’s kiss is exactly like that!
Cancer’s kiss takes you to an unreal world where everything is delicate and velvety.

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While we’re still talking about each sign’s kiss, we can’t forget the show Leo puts on when he kisses.
Even with something as personal and intimate as a kiss, Leo makes a point of honoring being the center of attention. But you can be sure that it will be a show that you will enjoy and impress yourself.
Leon’s kisses are always described with animal adjectives like wild, uninhibited and unpredictable.
You could be attacked, caught, accosted or even chased by a Leo who wants to give you that kiss. It can also happen that Leo will court you, pamper you and carefully plan the kiss. As I said before, the Lion’s Kiss is unpredictable!
If you have a fantasy about a vampire, like Edward Cullen from “Twilight”, it’s the Lion that you can sense it.
A lion kiss is never complete without strategically biting, giving playful pinches and scratching your erogenous zones with its claws.


As a perfectionist, the Virgin’s kiss seeks to achieve perfection. It’s a kiss calculated by millimeters. In other words, it is not too neglected, not too wet, not too fast, not too slow, not too rash, not too fast, not too much speech, not too little speech.
The Virgin’s kiss has the ability to transport you to a place of fantasy. That’s because his kisses are imaginative, dreamy, and about as perfect as a kiss can be.
You can be sure that the Virgo person, when she kisses you, will put your feelings above hers.

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The kiss of each sign has a particular characteristic that always relates to the personality of that sign. In the case of Libra, it is a sign made for romanticism. Thus, the Libra kiss will attract you and make you think that the Libra world revolves around you.
With every Libra kiss, you’ll feel like your “happily ever after” is closer than you think!
You will feel like a knight in shining armor courting you.
And over time, the Libra kiss is still full of romance, passion, and ardor!


When a scorpion kisses, it leaves a permanent mark on the psyche of the kiss, like a hot iron mark. You will feel the kiss in your soul.
Scorpio kisses are deep and sensual. They last so long, with both sides often getting lost in time and space.
Among the types of kisses of each sign, it is a type of kiss that can happen anywhere, anytime, when you least expect it.
Even Scorpio’s most casual kiss is a kind of explosion, an explosion of emotions.

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The eternally friendly Sagittarius will never hesitate to give you a kiss. The Sagittarius kiss is like a miniature explosion, unpredictable and often accompanied by a lot of drama. There will be laughter and tears, jokes and tickling, even flirting and games.
This centaur’s kisses will always be fun and make you want more and more.
The trick to getting more and more is to let Sagittarius know that you are indispensable in their life. Who else will this brand want to bike, walk, hike and swim with?
Once there, your kisses will last a lifetime, because romance with an enthusiastic Sagittarius will never be dull or boring, even in the worst moments of crisis.


You know what they say about things that take time, right? The things that make you wait are usually infinitely sweeter when you finally get it. This is what happens when you finally kiss a Capricorn.
Capricorn is certainly not the most romantic zodiac sign and not the most loving. It is the love of Capricorn that comes closest to reality and the lasting.
Capricorn’s kiss, when he really wants to kiss and when he’s not forced to kiss in any situation, is full of feeling, style, and class.

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Aquarius is not only unusual in his ways and habits, but also in his romantic endeavors.
They will often be the ones with the strangest romance, so one can only imagine the level of ingenuity their kisses can contain.
While there are no scientific barometers to easily predict when this might happen, but when Aquarius gets into the groove, their kisses can be breathtaking – literally, in fact. You may need to push your Aquarius to be able to breathe.
The Aquarius kiss also has some surprise moves. Expect the unexpected with this sign, especially when it comes to what he does with his tongue.
A tip: If you want to get your Aquarius in the mood, do something totally unexpected, unusual, alien or just plain awesome and make it drool.


Fish don’t leave stone after stone when they give a lasting kiss. You will feel like Sleeping Beauty is waking up after decades of sleep.
Your fervor will leave you breathless and dreaming. One kiss from Pisces is enough to leave the land of reality and slip into your country, the “dreamer”. This is the power of a fish kiss.
Although Pisces clearly makes love to their lips, it doesn’t stop there. You can expect small wet kisses on the nose, cheeks and surrounding areas.
If the fish kiss came after a very exciting time, you can also expect it to be a little wetter than usual.
There’s only one way to get a fish kiss: make this native care about you. If you are successful, you will enter into a lasting romance that will stand the test of time and life.

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