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Know the meaning of candles according to their shape and what they are used for

The colors of the candles are not the only important aspects to take into account when we use them in a ritual, the figures of the same also have a meaning and an objective associated with what we want to attract.

The most classic shape that we all know is the cylindrical. Regardless of whether it is thin or thick, this figure is the most common and its meaning is emphasized more here according to the tone. For example, red for passion, green if we want luck, or yellow when we want economic abundance.

if we choose a candle based on its shape we are giving a stronger and more powerful impulse to the ritual, so it is important to know their meaning and what they are used for. The following are the most popular forms and their meaning.

Candle in the shape of male sexual organs

This candle shape is one of the most common in esoteric stores. They are used to make love moorings or you want to improve your intimate life. If they are red, they are used for love and when they are black, they seek to damage the potency of men in sex, explained the site La Brujería Blanca.

bell candles

Candles with bell-like figurines are used for protection rituals. They also turn on to receive good news or you want something resolved quickly in your favor.

buddha candles

This is one of the most common candles and is used to attract money or abundance. She is regularly golden in color, although it can also be found in reddish colors.

skull candle

A skull-shaped candle is not recommended to light as it is used for black magic rituals. It is used to confuse and cause evil to a person, however, some esoteric experts turn it on to “heal” psychological illnesses.

pyramid candle

Pyramid candles are one of the most positive and are used to enhance the harmony of the home. If it’s golden and turns on in business, it helps us attract money and more customers.

heart candle

This candle is used in love moorings and to ask that our relationship as a couple be harmonious and pure. It is generally red, although we can also find it in pink tones. When it is black it is used to cause ruptures.

apple candles

The apple-shaped candles symbolize the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in Eden. They are used to solve fertility problems and bring lovers closer.

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