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Know the ideal place in the world for your zodiac sign, according to astrocartography

Each zodiac sign has an ideal vacation destination in the world that you should consider visiting during this 2023 because there you will discover that you feel almost like home. The branch of astrology that helps us to know which is that site is astrocartography.

Astrocartography allows people to decipher which physical locations around the world best suit themselves according to his natal chart. For example, the Line of the Sun is where you feel yourself, the Line of Venus is the best place to build your home and the Line of Jupiter is the ideal place to vacation.

With this in mind, the astrologer Inbaal Honigman told OnlineCasinos.co.uk what is the ideal place in the world for your zodiac sign to take a vacation and that you should visit in 2023.

Alaska is the perfect place for Aries venture out and marvel at its beautiful natural landscapes. There is always something to discover on that site, so it is ideal for this sign.

The place in the ideal world of Taurus is Los Angeles for its good food, joy and impressive beaches. There your sign feels at home and will never get bored.

New York is the perfect place for Geminis; It is love at first sight because you will discover endless things to do between art, shows and food.

For the dreamy and emotional Cancer the ideal place in the world is iceland. The northern lights and beautiful lagoons will comfort her mind and she will feel in harmony.

Your sign loves luxury and history, so the ideal place for you is Bordeauxfamous city for its vineyards and picturesque beaches.

The perfect destination for the organized and neat Virgo is Romea city where you will marvel at its architecture and feel at home.

The elegant and social Libra has as ideal destination the United Arab Emirates. Luxury, elegance and culture fall like a glove, you will discover that this country has a lot to offer.

the mysterious scorpio has Sri Lanka as the perfect destination with its wonderful temples and wildlife. Here your sign can find itself on a spiritual journey.

There is no place in the world that feels more in tune with Sagittarius than Tokyo. There your sign will find many things to explore and there will always be room for adventure.

Your sign is hard-working, classic and mature, so the best place for you would be Melbourne. It is named the “friendliest city in the world” so you can feel practically at home.

There is no destiny as unique in the world as New Zealand, the perfect place for the extravagant Aquarium. Its beautiful landscapes will always amaze and comfort you.

The perfect destination for Pisces is Hawaii, with its warm and beautiful beaches. Your sign loves to be in contact with the water, so you can find your favorite activity in surfing.

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