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know the ideal amount of product to apply

Quantity is not always synonymous with quality. In the case of beauty products, there is an ideal amount of product for them to take effect.

Did you know there is a optimal product quantity for each type of beauty item? Yes, more times than we’d like to admit, a certain product doesn’t work on our skin because we’re applying the wrong amount.

Indeed, covering the face with too many creams, serums and tonics is anything but beneficial for the health of the complexion. Also here, when we talk about the amount of products to apply, less is more.

Therefore, if you think that pouring excess product on your skin, face or hair is half the battle to ensure maximum hydration, you are wrong. Each product has a certain amount of application. And we tell you everything.

Know the ideal amount of product to apply on skin and hair

The nighttime beauty routine should always start with cleansing the skin, in order to get rid of impurities and unclog pores. In this sense, cleaning the skin well is crucial for it to remain beautiful, lush and healthy.

Currently, there are several types of products to clean the face, from cleansing milks, creams, gels to micellar waters, so choose the best one according to your skin type.

Having chosen the product, the ideal amount to apply is the size of a hazelnut and no more.

When we talk about face creams, the ideal amount to nourish the face corresponds to two raisins.

However, if you have drier or more sensitive areas, you can apply a little more moisturizer to them.

As for the eye area, just put cream equivalent to two pine nuts, to cover the entire eye area and hydrate it effectively.

If you tend to add too much product, it’s time to change that.

Night moisturizer plays a very important role in the beauty and health of the skin. In this sense, before going to sleep, always apply the amount equivalent to a blueberry, all over the face, massaging the complexion.

It is important that the skin is clean.

For serums and oils, applying the equivalent amount of a pea is more than enough for the entire product to melt into the skin.

Avoid applying more than this, as it can make the complexion greasy.

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Indispensable to protect the skin from UV rays, sunscreen should be part of the beauty routine of any woman who wants healthy skin.

In this sense, just apply the amount equivalent to a grape berry for effective protection throughout the day.

We all live under the illusion that the more foam your shampoo makes, the more hydrated and beautiful your hair will be.

But did you know that salt-free shampoos, which even foam less, are less aggressive to the scalp? Not to mention that too much shampoo, and poorly removed, can cause dandruff and itching.

So whichever shampoo you choose, applying the amount equivalent to a strawberry will leave your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy.

Everything we want, right?


Hair finishing cream

The amount corresponding to two pumpkin seeds is enough when we talk about hair styling products, to make your hair beautiful and full of life.

Apply the styling cream while your hair is damp, from the middle to the ends, to get the maximum effect from the product.

As you can see, paying attention to the amounts of product you apply to your face and hair is essential for them to remain beautiful, healthy and full of vigor.

Consequently, applying too much product is also harmful to your wallet. Don’t do it and take care of yourself more.

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