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Know the benefits of the Yamaha consortium?

Do you already know the advantages of buying a vehicle using the Yamaha consortium? Yamaha is a giant in the automotive and instrumental market, and its motorcycles are a real craze among Brazilians.

But often the high value of vehicles and motorcycles in Brazil ends up making the purchase of these goods very difficult. But for that there are easy payments like the Yamaha consortium. So for you who still dream of being able to buy the motorcycle of your dreams, we will present the Yamaha consortium and all its advantages! Check out!

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What are the Yamaha consortium benefits?

Before understanding the advantages of the Yamaha consortium, let’s understand the advantages of buying by a method called “consortium”.

The consortium is a definitely Brazilian payment method. We invented it and still use it today to buy products with a high added value, and it exists precisely to purchase goods that are much more expensive than conventional credit lines usually cover.

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So the payment of a consortium works as follows: A group of people is gathered under the ambition of acquiring one of these goods and they pay a monthly installment until reaching the total value of the product.

Speaking like this, the consortium is very similar to any purchase in installments, but what differs so much from the consortium is that the participants do not immediately receive the product, but are drawn periodically to receive the good.

The raffle is random, and in the end everyone who is paying will have the product, the question is who will get it first. Generally, consortia provide extra payment methods called “bids” that anticipate the total value of the product and increase the chances of the bidder being selected.

All these advantages and much more are present in the Yamaha consortium, where you can easily finally get your hands on your dream bike!

What are the requirements to apply for the Yamaha consortium?

The Yamaha consortium is the ideal way for you to obtain your motorcycle economically and safely. And if you want to participate, it’s very simple, just go to one of the authorized Yamaha stores or apply online. Anyone can hire a Yamaha consortium, just be over 18 years old.

How does the Yamaha consortium work?

The Yamaha Consortium works like most consortiums, but has numerous advantages offered exclusively by Yamaha such as: small installments, 0 membership fee and a lot of security and reliability.

How the Yamaha consortium works

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Yamaha’s consortium also allows bids to increase the chances of you being drawn in the month, giving much more opportunity to those who want a motorcycle faster.

What are the plans?

The Yamaha consortium is divided into different plans with different characteristics in order to better serve the public. The plans are:

  • Plano Mais Fácil Mega: The most used plan that offers the most purchased motorcycles on the market in 60 or 72 installments;
  • Master Easier Plan: It has practically the same characteristics as the previous one, but has more powerful bikes;
  • Prime Easier Plan: Plan with the heaviest and most powerful motorcycles, or even for Yamaha powerboats.

As we can see, the Yamaha consortium has several modalities to serve all audiences.

How to apply for the Yamaha consortium?

And to participate in all these advantages of the Yamaha consortium is very easy! Just go to a Yamaha dealership or make your request at brand official websiteand there will be indicated the necessary documents that you need to deliver to close the deal.

What is the Yamaha consortium interest rate?

Another great advantage of the Yamaha consortium is that it does not work with interest rates, it only charges a very small administrative fee that fits in your pocket.

How can I verify the Yamaha consortium application?

On the Yamaha website, in the consortium section, you can check the status of your request for the Yamaha consortium and also check, if you are already among the consortium participants, the draws for the letters of credit.

Now that you are familiar with the Yamaha consortium, you already know where you can easily and safely purchase a Yamana motorcycle or vehicle.

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