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Know how a Broker works?

There are some professions that will never lose their shine and importance in the financial market and one of them is certainly the broker.

The broker is among one of the most essential professions for the market in general and its areas of activity are vast, giving a lot of freedom for professionals to specialize in what they really like, want and find more profitable.

If you still don’t know what a broker is, or want to know more about this profession, continue with us in the article below. Good reading!

What this article covers:

What is a Broker?

First, let’s clarify the word broker, this word in Portuguese could be translated as “intermediary”, “agent” or “broker”.

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In fact, a broker acts as a sales intermediary, bridging the gap between buyer and seller. But the broker’s field of action is actually much greater than just the person doing the negotiation, he can also be in the position of bringing together parties that still don’t know each other and don’t even know of each other’s existence, but have the broker to ensure they meet.

There is also a very interesting role for the broker as a consultant, giving his seller client the means to enhance his business and make it more presentable for his future buyers.

How does the Broker act?

The broker has at least 3 more traditional areas of activity that depend heavily on the performance of these professionals. Let’s see what they are!

real estate

Perhaps this is the most well-known broker’s area of ​​activity. And here you can see how interesting the performance of the broker is, which not only does the negotiation but also brings the parties together. There is also a more modern and new concept in this branch, exclusive to customers with high purchasing power called private broker, who provide a dedicated service to a single person or family.

commercial sector

A common mode of operation of the broker is also negotiating between a retail industry and a distribution center, carrying out negotiations between them and even starting some partnerships.

Stock market

This is another area of ​​action of the broker that is well known by the general population. The broker acts as an agent for the stockbrokers, a very important position that in Brazil even requires a special type of certificate, the unofficial exercise of which is illegal.

Why use Broker?

Many traders think that the figure of the broker is disposable, and that they could carry out their trades themselves. But that’s not true. Imagine you taking on all the bureaucracy of renting or buying a property. This is absolutely unthinkable and the figure of the broker is essential.

The same happens in the stock market, where in Brazil it is impossible to buy stocks without the intermediary of a certified broker. And for sellers, the role of the broker is just as or even more important, as a company is often much more busy producing its product and may not have the time or means to carry out sales with excellence.

What is the salary of a Broker?

For those who want to professionalize and become specialists in the broker area, there is good news! The salary of a broker in Brazil can reach more than R$ 6,000.00. A very high salary average for our country!

How to hire a Broker?

If you are a seller or a customer and want to hire a broker, it all depends on which sector you want these professionals to work in. For those who want to negotiate in the financial market in real estate, you will certainly find the realtorsthe same for the stock market broker.

How to Hire a Broker

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As for retailers, when you contact different distribution centers, you will certainly be interacting with a broker. As we can see, the professional broker occupies a prominent place in the market and there are countless opportunities for those who want to enter the area.

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