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know everything about the payment intermediary

Wirecard is a very helpful tool for anyone who works with online sales. This is a way of simplifying payments, in which the merchant no longer needs to worry about transactions carried out in the virtual environment. How about learning more about Wirecard?

What this article covers:

What is Wirecard?

Wirecard is a payment intermediary. To understand it more clearly, just think about how purchases are closed in virtual stores, where it is necessary to hire banks and administrators, for example, in addition to worrying about fraud management. Wirecard is responsible for all of this.

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Origin of Wirecard

The company had its origins in 2008, under the name of Moip, but in 2016 it was bought by Wirecard, a German multinational, for R$ 165 million. Its great innovation occurred in 2012, with the transparent checkout tool, which is capable of increasing the conversion of a website by up to 30%.

How does Wirecard work?

Wirecard works when the customer decides to finalize the purchase, where he is responsible for collecting the data and processing it securely, and then making the value available to the seller. Large companies, such as Natura and Elo7, use this tool.

How to create Wirecard account?

To create a Wirecard account, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Wirecard website;
  • Go to the “Payment solutions” tab and choose the option according to your situation;
  • Read the information and click on “Create Account”.

After filling in the data, a confirmation email is sent. Just click on the link provided in the email and your account is ready to go.

How are payments made?

When directed to the final page of the purchase, the customer fills in his payment details, and that is when Wirecard acts. As stated earlier, she is responsible for collecting the data and processing it securely.

Wirecard’s main products

Wirecard has 4 products, which meet different needs. Meet them below:


With this solution, the virtual store owner no longer needs to worry about gateways, fraud management, administrators and banks. The product has 1 contract and 1 integration, which is necessary to receive payments for e-commerces??


As the first payment solution for marketplaces in the country, Wirecard makes it possible to manage payments, integrate merchants and receive commissions.

in app

With Wirecard In App, you can receive and manage payments anytime you want, just using a smartphone.


Another tool solution, this time for the management and collection of monthly fees. In it, it is possible to manage subscriptions, in addition to receiving payments via credit card and boleto.

What are the Wirecard fees?

Wirecard fees vary according to the type of transaction performed. In general, the expenses are:

  • R$3.49 – payment by bank slip;
  • R$0.69 + 3.49% – payment by debit;
  • R$0.69 + 5.49% – credit payment.

For face-to-face transactions:

  • 1.99% – payment by debit;
  • 4.89% – payment on credit.

The fee is higher for payments in installments, according to the number of installments.

Is Wirecard reliable?

Wirecard has three security seals, in addition to an anti-fraud system. If any irregularity is detected during the transaction, it is not completed.

Wirecard is reliable

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The tool is an excellent option for anyone who works with online sales, as it simplifies the payment process. In this way, the shopkeeper no longer needs to worry about the transactions carried out.

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