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know all the benefits of the service

Itaú Uniclass is a special account aimed at bank customers who wish to receive more benefits on a day-to-day basis and have complete control over their expenses. In this way, it is possible to check information, how much was spent and solve problems more easily. Discover more below!

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What is Itaú Uniclass?

Itaú Uniclass is a plan with numerous benefits for Itaú customers who earn R$4,000 per month or more. Customers who are included in the program have great day-to-day facilities and enjoy excellent privileges.

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There are three different modes that are part of the account, it is up to the customer to choose the one that best suits their needs on a daily basis. The amounts charged are monthly and everyone will be entitled to use the contracted services when needed.

What are the Itaú Uniclass benefits?

Itaú Uniclass customers will have fully specialized managers to serve them, regardless of whether they are at the same branch or at another. That way, if there is any doubt or problems to be solved, you can count on a professional to help.

If you are a client who likes to invest, with Uniclass it is possible to consult a specialized professional to check the best places to invest.

If you need a higher credit limit, with Uniclass you have complete autonomy when it comes to controlling the distribution of the limit between overdraft and credit card.

If necessary, you will have the help of credit advisors to help you find the best loan.

What is the Itaú Uniclass card limit?

As explained, the Itaú Uniclass card may have a limit distributed between overdraft and credit, which will depend exclusively on what the customer wants to do. In this way, the limits vary and may increase according to the needs of each person, and explanations made by the advisor.

In addition, the customer will have full control of how he wants to use the money, which is an interesting aspect and an attractive advantage for anyone who wants to decide what to do with the values.

What is the Itaú Uniclass card limit?

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Itaú Uniclass aims to make life easier for its customers and make everyone enjoy their purchases or trips.

The limits provided by the Uniclass program are intended to ensure that the customer achieves their goals, in order to provide ease both when obtaining the desired amount and also when keeping up with their tax obligations. Itaú’s system works with the best rates on the market and provides peace of mind so that you can carry out your transactions without any worries.

What do you need to be Itaú Uniclass?

To become an Itaú Uniclass customer, you must have an income equal to or greater than R$4,000 and ask your manager to change your account. Otherwise, you will need to be invited to join that account and be entitled to use it.

What are the values ​​of the Itaú Uniclass account?

The values ​​of the Itaú Uniclass account may vary depending on what the customer wants. Check the prices of the plans:

  • The 3.0 package is basic and charges customers a monthly fee of R$61.65;
  • Itaú Uniclass 4.0 costs R$76.90 and is more complete than the previous one;
  • Finally, 5.0 is full of benefits, ideal for those who want to enjoy many advantages. The amount charged will be R$ 79.00.

To check out more information about the Uniclass Itau account, visit the official website HERE🇧🇷

Itaú Uniclass is the ideal choice for clients of the financial institution, who are looking for more benefits, controlling their account with total autonomy, and having help when needed from specialized professionals.

It is essential that the client has this kind of care for his financial life, and is instructed when necessary.

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