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Know about Gerencianet? Digital account that can approve R$700 of initial limit

Gerencianet is a special digital account that can offer high limits when opening an account, and many customers mention having received amounts above R$700.00. Others are surprised at how easy it is to open an account and have their credit card approved quickly to enjoy its benefits.

What this article covers:

Gerencianet digital account: What it is and how it works

Gerencianet is specifically a digital account aimed at businesses to help entrepreneurs issue and manage all their receipts in the best possible way. Due to this application, it became possible to issue more than 60 million annual charges, in addition to having more than 210,000 registered customers throughout Brazil.

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How to apply for a Gerencianet card?

Know that in order to have your card, you will need to open a digital account at Gerencianet, as you will be able to obtain it through it. Just access the Play Store or Apple Store to download the app and follow all the instructions that will appear on your screen.

With the application open, access My Cards and choose the card you want to have, which would be the debit card. Enter your address and wait for your card to be delivered. If you want to perform the procedure on the computer, just Access your digital account and go to the My Cards menu, choose the card you want, enter your address and wait for delivery.

What are the benefits of Gerencianet?

This card allows the customer to make withdrawals at any plus box, in addition to having the Visa International flag accepted in several places. Another beneficial point of the card would be that it does not contain annuity and fees, has contactless technology and is accepted in more than 300,000 stores around the world.

Are there discount programs on the Gerencianet card?

Something that attracts many customers is the fact that the cards offer discounts, and this is the case with Gerencianet, which, as it is a Visa brand, will allow you to participate in the Vai de Visa program and receive discounts when buying any product or just by requesting it. a service.

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