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Know 3 curious rituals to prevent it from raining or stop raining

Did you know that there are some rituals to prevent it from raining or stop raining? In Latin American countries, people resort to curious and strange superstitions, inherited from generation to generation, so that “bad weather” does not spoil our plans.

Maybe the laundry is hanging out, we’re having an outdoor event, or we just don’t want it to ruin a sunny day at the beach. Grandmas share this with us folk wisdom that has survived through the years.

Whether or not they are effective is probably a matter of focus. It is possible that many people have given good results, and others not so much, but it is still curious and fun to put them into practice, in one of those we could achieve our goal.

Next, meet 3 rituals of popular wisdom to prevent it from raining or stop raining.

Stick a knife in the ground

This ritual is one of the most popular in Mexico. When people see that it begins to cloud over and the first drops of rain fall, grandparents can be heard saying “you have to stick a knife into the ground to scare away the rain”.

It is believed that we must stick the knife in the garden or in a pot to prevent the rain from wetting the house. This practice has been done for decades and it is said that ancient cultures resorted to this ritual to protect their crops from heavy rains.

open umbrella at home

Another ritual consists of opening all the umbrellas in the house, but with the handle up and placing them near the windows. Thus it is said that we could cause the storm to pass by.

It should be noted that umbrellas should not be opened as we conventionally do, as another superstition indicates that it is bad luck.

the salt cross

The ritual consists of drawing a cross with kitchen salt on the right side of the main entrance or next to a window so that the clouds leave the house quickly. The most superstitious people believe that this rite is very effective because it causes the clouds charged with water to dissipate in the sky.

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