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Klara “Tanbyklara” Elvgren on the relationship with the participant in FBOY Island: “Let them judge”

“Let them judge”

Despite the fact that Elvgren and Arboleda met at FBOY Island they started a relationship only after the filming ended. According to Elvgren, they ran into each other during a night out in Stockholm and that it “just said ‘click'”.

During a question and answer session in his latest vlog Elvgren tells us that she is not worried about any critical voices that might think that the couple has moved too quickly in their relationship:

“I couldn’t care less what people think about my private life and our life together,” she says. “People judge for sure, people always judge. But let them judge.”’

She also talks about how it feels to see her boyfriend dating other people in FBOY Island:

“We’ve had so much fun now that we’ve seen the first episodes that are out. It’s fun to look back on this whole thing and how everything just quickly changed, how our whole lives were turned upside down into something completely different.”

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