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Kitchen with planned furniture – Tips and Photos to inspire you

You Planned Furniture turn out to be perfect for small kitchens, because they are custom-structured and manage to make better use of spaces. These furniture items are versatile within the decor and still offer a great option for storage.

Compact planned furniture has sizes and strategic design, all to be easily installed in the small kitchen and not overload the room. It is important that there is enough space inside the kitchen for people to move around, carrying out activities relevant to the room, such as preparing meals and washing dishes. Through photos of planned kitchens you can start to conquer a kitchen within your dreams and beautiful.

Kitchen with custom furniture

What this article covers:

Kitchen with custom furniture

Small planned kitchens dispense with project excesses, meeting the needs of the environment. Several bespoke furniture brands are gaining success in the furniture market with these pieces that innovate in terms of design and seek to reproduce the main decoration trends, without forgetting the influence of technology.

How to choose custom furniture?

Try to hire the services of a company specialized in making custom furniture, which can design and develop the furniture items according to the delimitation of the space. Buying standard-size furniture is always risky for a small kitchen, as the pieces may not match. In the case of the planned structure, it cannot be easily changed after it is installed, so it is essential to be careful with the positioning of the furniture and the material with which the structure is composed.

Tips for choosing custom furniture

Before choosing planned kitchen furniture, it is necessary to check the purchase price and the budget available for furnishing. Custom-made furniture items are usually more expensive than conventional ones, but the results are much better. A very interesting way to not be jeopardized with the choice of furniture is to use appropriate software to design interiors.

  • Check decorated models before starting to buy kitchen furniture, in this way, it is easier to decorate the environment;

  • Every year, companies do stock clearances and to save money you can plan the decoration of small kitchens spending little through the outlets;

Decorating tips with custom furniture:

– To create a wider environment in the small kitchen and with an inviting design, give preference to light and smooth furniture and put the appliances in order, as in addition to facilitating use they provide a slender effect;

Small Planned Kitchens

Unleash your imagination with the right kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– Choose lighter and fresher tones, as they naturally enlarge small spaces, glossy paints reflect light and give the space greater amplitude;

Small Planned Kitchens

Photos of planned kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

– Place cupboards with glass doors or without doors as they enlarge the kitchen and if you want an even better illusion of a large kitchen put a light floor on the floor and the brighter the furniture the kitchen will definitely give the impression of being well larger;

Small Planned Kitchens

Furniture in light tones helps to expand the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Preferably a bench instead of a table, as it provides more accommodation and can be used on both sides, making the layout chic;

Small Planned Kitchens

Small and beautiful kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– Buy appliances suitable for small kitchens, as they work perfectly, even if smaller than traditional sizes;

Small Planned Kitchens

Bet on photos of planned kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

– If you prefer to have a table in the kitchen, you can opt for a fixed table on the wall, as these models were developed for small kitchens;

Small Planned Kitchens

Bet on a small and yellow kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– To brighten up your small kitchen, stick stickers in the corners of the cupboards or in the center with abstract or flower motifs;

Small Planned Kitchens

Beautiful and small kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– Opt for few pieces of furniture, but make sure they have lots of nooks and crannies for storage in the small kitchen;

Small Planned Kitchens

Planned furniture helps keep the kitchen organized. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Use inserts in a horizontal line between the overhead cabinets and the kitchen counter to give your small kitchen a cleaner style without making it look smaller than it already is;

Small Planned Kitchens

Planned kitchen images (Photo: Disclosure)

– To make an original decoration, use local handicrafts suitable for the kitchen, but do not overdo it, as you can suffocate the environment;

Small Planned Kitchens

Small and delicate kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– The compact and planned kitchen needs to combine with other elements of the environment, such as lighting and accessories. Depending on how the composition is made, the style can be innovated and the kitchen also ends up benefiting from a feeling of spaciousness, that is, it seems bigger than it really is;

Small Planned Kitchens

Beautiful, small and differentiated kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

– Make the most of the lighting in your kitchen, to make it look bigger and to make that impression even better, place a mirror near the window;

Small Planned Kitchens

Make the most of lighting. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Decorate your kitchen with stickers, rugs or a clock on the wall, as they do not take up space and are excellent for giving the room that charm;

Small Planned Kitchens

Photos of small and well-planned kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

– For those who think that size is synonymous with disorder, they are very wrong, as a small kitchen can be much more organized than a large kitchen;

Small Planned Kitchens

A small kitchen can have your face (Photo: Disclosure)

– When decorating a small kitchen, you must first of all organize the cupboards so that they are well placed and making the most of the available space. To make a decoration plan for the small kitchen you must place the objects in the right places of the type, pots and large cutlery must be close to the stove, plates and cups must be inside the cupboard, but close to the dining area. For an optimization of kitchen cabinets, placing shelves and dividers can help a more efficient disposal of household items.

Where to Buy Kitchen Furniture

For those looking for the values ​​of a planned kitchen, know that it can vary a lot, this will depend on the size of the kitchen, the amount of modular furniture that will compose it, the model chosen, the use of different materials such as glass marble, metal parts, among other factors.

An average that we calculate is a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, stove and microwave. several factors.

If you already have all this equipment, with custom furniture you will spend around R$ 10,000.00 to R$ 15,000.00, these amounts are estimated for a small kitchen of just 20 square meters.

You can find several companies that offer customized furniture, so before making your choice, do a lot of research until you find the model that fits perfectly in your budget.

Just below we will mention some super reputable companies in the market that provide modular furniture, see:

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