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Kitchen with antique furniture: tips, photos

Those who want to escape contemporary aesthetics can bet on antique furniture to decorate the kitchen. These pieces create a nostalgic effect and carry with them the charm of other decades.

Kitchen decorated with old wooden furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorating with antique furniture for the kitchen usually works with pieces of steel or wood. The inspiration to compose the environment can come from different eras and add a touch of rusticity to favor coziness.

In all decoration proposals with antique furniture, it is important that the kitchen becomes a replica of grandma’s kitchen. In this way, the environment will transmit charm, elegance and comfort.

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• A kitchen furniture it is essentially composed of cabinets. In this way, it is worth choosing old pieces that match the utensils and appliances.

• If the intention is build a retro-style kitchenso it’s worth betting on cabinets that recreate the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s. These pieces of furniture value colors like yellow, red, light blue and off-white.

Antique furniture makes the kitchen receptive. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The upholstered chairs with antique design favor the retro kitchen decor;

• Pastel tones are perfect for bringing past trends to life. They are very democratic and provide a feeling of comfort;

• If the purpose of the project is decorate a white kitchen and cozy with antique furniture, then the best alternative is the Provencal aesthetic. This style is inspired by the south of France and establishes a perfect combination between bucolic, classic and romantic;

• The kitchen decorated in Provencal style is characterized by white furniturewith turned feet and patina finish;

• O aged furniture look can be valued as a way to convey sophistication;

• Rustic furniture, which decorated country kitchens in other decades, can also be explored;

Kitchen filled with retro furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Depending on the project, even the old hutch can be reused in kitchen decor;

• O old kitchen furniture can gain a whole new outfit. The closet, for example, can have its nostalgic traits valued, but gain a different finish. Many people invest in a new paint job with a vibrant color to make the element stand out.

pictures of old kitchen furniture

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