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kitchen wallpaper decor

THE kitchen wallpaper decor it is a very interesting alternative to change the face of this room, which is increasingly being valued in homes throughout Brazil, without the need to make large investments.

Kitchen wallpaper decoration (Illustrative Photo)

To do so, you can change the kitchen decor, making the environment more beautiful and pleasant, investing in some wallpaper models, a simple and cheap alternative, but which has the ability to greatly renew the look of any space.

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Wallpaper can give a new face to this room that is increasingly valued (Illustrative Photo)

Widely used in the past, the wallpaper has come back with full force in recent years, as it is very practical, being an interesting option to avoid changing the paint or investing in coatings.

It can be applied by anyone, and the best thing is that if you get tired of the decoration, just buy another model and change it. In the case of the kitchen, it helps to create an environment that stimulates appetite and imagination, in addition to increasing the feeling of spaciousness. Check out some kitchen wallpaper models below.

What this article covers:


Striped (Illustrative Photo)

The striped wallpaper helped expand the space and combined well with the stickers pasted on the cabinets, giving the kitchen a different look.

simulating inserts

Simulating inserts (Illustrative Photo)

Instead of investing in tiles, which takes more work and is much more expensive, bet on a wallpaper like this one.

imitating tiles

Imitating tiles (Illustrative Photo)

Here, they imitate tiles, combining well with the colorful furniture and kitchen accessories.

Printed (Illustrative Photo)

This patterned wallpaper allowed the creation of two spaces within the kitchen, clearly separating the table area and the cupboards.

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imitating exposed brick

Imitating apparent brick (Illustrative Photo)

For those who like a more cheerful and colorful space, making the environment more attractive.

Combining with the painting (Illustrative Photo)

Notice how this tile imitating wallpaper combined with the wall painting, creating a beautiful look.

full of drawings

Full of drawings (Illustrative Photo)

For the more modern ones, this kitchen wallpaper can be ideal, as it gives a “cool” look to the environment and even matches the furniture.

vintage style

Vintage style (Illustrative Photo)

Matching the fridge, this wallpaper harks back to the trends of the past.


Textured (Illustrative Photo)

The wall appears to be tiled with glass tiles, but this is actually textured wallpaper.

wallpaper for bathrooms

flower print

Flower print (Illustrative Photo)

Another interesting option of kitchen wallpaperwith a very classic print.

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