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Kitchen tea: tips for organizing

You are going to be godmother at a wedding and you have the responsibility of helping the bride to organize the kitchen tea🇧🇷 Know that the task is not as difficult as you might think, on the contrary. With a few simple suggestions, you will be able to make a pleasant celebration for the bride and her guests.

Decorating the venue for the event can be simple, but it needs to have the bride’s face (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

How to organize the bridal shower

THE kitchen tea organization it can also be based on a specific theme and involve the bride in choosing the place where the party will take place and defining the list of guests. Regarding this last item, it is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to call all the women who will be expected for the wedding party, but only the closest friends or family members. As bridal showers tend to be more informal, invitations can be sent via email or through an event created on Facebook.

Prepare or order from a confectioner a personalized cake for the bridal shower (Photo: publicity)

Kitchen tea making tips

The event can take place at the residence of the bride’s parents, at the house where the bride and groom will live or even at the house of one of the bridesmaids. The important thing is that there is enough space for all guests to be comfortably accommodated. One of the tips for organize the bridal shower is to ask each guest to bring a recipe to the party, to compose a first cookbook for the bride and groom.

Don’t forget the souvenirs (Photo: publicity)

Others kitchen tea making tips is to schedule the meeting for about a month before the wedding date, during which time the bride and groom will already know what to ask for. Regarding this item, also remember that the gifts cannot compete with those on the wedding list, preferably being more affordable, examples are knives, bowls, cutting boards, sets of glasses and cups. To serve, bet on snacks, appetizers, drinks and a cake, which can also be replaced by cupcakes. Some playtime tips for kitchen tea can also make the party more lively and if you still have doubts, consult suggestions for the menu.

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