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Kitchen combined with living room – decor, tips, photos

THE room combined with the kitchen has already become a trend in architecture, characterized by the integration of environments. This type of structure is viable because it improves communication within the house and creates a sense of spaciousness in homes with little space.

Despite the small space, the area was optimized with the white color

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Kitchen combined with living room – decor, tips, photos

THE American kitchen it is a perfect example of uniting rooms, knocking down one of the walls to make it possible to interact with the people in the room. Another characteristic aspect is the bench, which works as a kind of division between the two environments.

For some time now, the kitchen has ceased to be a limited space for preparing food and has become a living area. Now the person making the meal does not need to feel alone in the room, being able to talk quietly with the people in the room and even watch TV.

Two or three walls are eliminated from the construction to favor the conjugate effect🇧🇷 In this way, the kitchen, living room and dining room become a large social area within the house.

A large social area results from the integration of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

1. To build an American kitchen, it is important to draw a discreet division through a workbench. The interaction between residents and guests becomes clearer when the stools are positioned in the dividing structure. To provide moments of privacy, opt for a sliding door instead of a balcony.

two. As it is a large social area, the decoration must follow the same style in all environments. This balance is related to the use of colors, furniture design and materials. Any disharmonious aspect can compromise the rest of the project. It is important to combine at least the question of style.

The decoration of the environments must strike a balance

3. O kitchen floor should be the same as living room, respecting the pattern, materials and colors. But, be careful with the use of wood in horizontal cladding, as it is not suitable for humid environments such as the kitchen.

4. In the case of kitchen walls, it is not necessary to maintain the same pattern as in other rooms. It is possible to work with details in inserts, making the space more beautiful, practical and easy to clean.

The kitchen combined with the living room is a perfect convivial space.

5. In order not to make the size of the space even more limited, it is worth decorating the American kitchen with light, soft and neutral colors, as is the case with white.

6. Such as kitchen will be exposed to the living room and the dining room, it is of fundamental importance that the furniture and appliances are in good condition. The room must still be well organized, that is, without dishes accumulated in the sink or scattered utensils.

Photos of kitchen combined with living room

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