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Kit-GNV is a possible way to circumvent the IPVA increase in Rio de Janeiro

A way found by cariocas to circumvent the tax increase would be through the CNG Kit or the Gas Kit, since cars that have this Kit got excellent discounts, because the IPVA in RJ has a percentage of 4% and when carrying out the installation this tool, the rate decreases to 1.5% of the value of your car.

What this article covers:

What is the Kit-CNG and how does it work?

The CNG Kit is simply a gas kit, and its acronym means Vehicular Natural Gas which is stored inside cylinders created specifically for this need. This Kit is capable of controlling, in fact, the amount of fuel that is directed to the car’s engine, so that it becomes possible to save a great amount on gasoline.

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The gas comes out of the cylinder and is directed to the pipe with a focus on reaching the pressure reducer, because there the gas will have a reduction that will become more adequate to make the engine work properly.

Is the CNG Kit worth it?

Yes, in fact, the CNG-Kit is essential for people who use the car excessively and cannot afford the weekly increase in fuel at gas stations.

It will only be important for the driver to always check the spark plugs, spark plug cables and the oil that always needs to be checked to see if, really, everything is in compliance.

Kit-CNG Prices

KIT-CNG values ​​can cost R$ 2,800 for 2nd and 3rd generation kits for cars manufactured in 2007. In the case of Kits for the 5th generation, it would be R$ 5 thousand, which It has an electronic injection of natural gas ideal for vehicles manufactured years after 2007.

Resorting to the CNG-Kit will be a method of escaping the abusive prices due to the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA), which will increase in 2022 and has become a major concern for those who use vehicles daily to work in Rio de Janeiro.

The Kit-CNG can be used by anyone who really wants to, both in RJ and in the state of São Paulo and in others, in this way it will be possible to circumvent the highest tax values.

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