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Kimberly Flores fights with Mariana González after calling her “invented” in ‘Rica, Famosa, Latina’

Kimberly Flores and Mariana González Padilla in ‘Rica Famosa Latina’.

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tremendous fight staged Kimberly Flores Y Mariana Gonzalez Padillagirlfriend of Vincent Fernandez Jr.who during one of the episodes of ‘Rica, Famosa, Latina’, they had a heated discussion that came to blows.

The sixth season of ‘Rica, Famosa, Latina’ began last October, but in the reality show produced by Estrella TV, not everything has been glamorous while the life of pleasures enjoyed by its participants is exposed, as they have also given something to talk about due to the strong confessions they have made, as well as the confrontations that have stolen attention within social networks.

mayeli alonso, Kimberly Flores, Mariana Gonzalez Padilla, Sandra Vidal, Luzelba Mansour Y Marcela IglesiasThey have shown that they are willing to do anything to stand out, they have even gone so far as to defend themselves against comments, such is the case of Edwin Luna’s wife, who did not hesitate to say everything she thinks.

And it is that, according to what happened in one of the episodes that has been taken up on TikTok, a discussion got out of control when the model from Jalisco known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” asked Kimberly Flores to stop pretending that she is perfect, calling it “made up” for trying to make people believe a version that is far from true.

You always want to be the best mom, the one I have, when the whole world knows what you are.“, Mariana is heard saying, comments that provoked the fury of the Guatemalan influencer.

After exchanging a few words, they reached another level despite the fact that the other participants tried to calm things down, reaching the moment when they definitely went to blows.

“It hurts them that my life is rosy, that I am a princess who found her prince charming, they envy me“said Flores, who also stressed that she was not willing to allow herself to be mocked anymore.

The brawl gave something to talk about in the comments section, where some users highlighted that everything was staged, while some others took the side of Kimberly Flores and Mayeli Alonso.

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