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Kim Kardashian shocks fans with brutal makeup new video

Kim Kardashian satirizes British working-class girls in a video that has gone viral on TikTok – but it wasn’t her idea to jump on the bandwagon.

Screenshot: TikTok @kimkardashian

We’ve definitely never seen Kim Kardashian like this before!

The reality star shocked her fans when she posted a new video on TikTok the other day. In the clip, she satirizes the type of make-up associated with British working-class girls in the early 2000s: a thick layer of foundation that doesn’t necessarily match her own skin tone, heavily defined eyebrows, lots of concealer and bright lipstick.

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Kardashian’s video is her contribution to a trend that has been on the platform for a couple of years. Here, TikToker Maddie (who goes by the username @mmaddiehill on the platform) shows off her version in a clip from 2020:

@mmaddiehill Can u haters tell I’m British now??? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #4you #viral #trending #britishchav #chav #lol #make up #transformation #featureme #uk ♬ soph aspin sent by millie b – ✰ ???? ✰

A bet lies behind the clip

Although some fans initially thought that Kim’s new video was a jab at Kylie Jenner – due to her using her sister’s make-up products in the clip – Kardashian has now admitted that it was all about something else entirely.

On Twitter, Kim revealed that she made the video after losing a bet to her daughter:

“It’s unreal how much I lose betting against North!”, she writes on the platform.

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