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Kim Kardashian, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez – the most iconic selfie of the year

Would you dare cut Jennifer Lopez out of a picture and then post it on social media? For Kim Kardashian, the answer to this question was a resounding “yes” when she posted a selfie on Instagram the other day.

Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian

This weekend, what will probably be classified as the year’s most iconic selfie was taken, when Kim Kardashian posed with Oprah and Jennifer Lopez during the cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills’ 25th anniversary party.

Cut out Jennifer Lopez from selfie

However, when Kardashian posted the photo to her Instagram story on Sunday to wish Oprah a happy birthday, she made a notable change – she cut out Lopez. The reason? The artist simply did not fit in the portrait format used in the platform’s stories.

Since Kardashian has posted the uncut version of the photo in a regular post on the platform, we’re guessing all is well between her and Lopez. Even Lopez – whose last name is now Affleck – has posted several selfies from the occasion on the platform.

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