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Kim Cattrall showed up at Emily in Paris Season 3 premiere – dismissing guest-starring rumors

When Kim Cattrall unexpectedly appeared at the premiere of Emily In Paris season 3 earlier this week revived the fan theory that she will possibly guest star in the series. “It’s a wonderful idea,” says series creator Darren Star Variety.

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Earlier this year, a theory took off among Kim Cattrall’s fans that her character from Sex and the CitySamantha Jones, was set to appear in the Netflix series Emily In Paris. Unlike Sex and the Citys co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, Cattrall has declined to appear in the series’ sequel, And Just Like That – but the hope of seeing Samantha Jones again in the box is still alive.

Appeared on the season 3 premiere of Emily In Paris

On Tuesday night, Kim Cattrall appeared at the premiere of Emily In Paris season 3, which further fueled rumors of a possible guest appearance from the star. Cattrall was snapped posing on the Theater Des Champs Elysees red carpet alongside Darren Star, who is one of the creators behind both Emily In Paris and Sex and the City.

“Thank you @starmandarren and @netflix for a great premiere in Paris with ‘Emily in Paris’,” writes Cattrall in a post on Instagram.

Star – who has not worked with And Just Like That – spoke positively about a possible entry from Cattrall into the series:

“That’s a wonderful idea,” he added Variety during Tuesday evening. “[Hon är inte med] at the moment, but it would be so much fun to see it happen.”

The fans: “Would be iconic”

The actress’ fans were quick to comment on her presence at the premiere:

“If you were in Emily In Paris, my dreams would come true,” writes a fan on Instagram.

“Will we see Samantha Jones in Emily In Paris? I’m dying!!!”, writes another person.

“Please tell me you will be making a guest appearance!! It would be iconic,” reads a third comment.

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