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Killer Wasp Kills Mouse in 1 Minute

Ever heard of the Asian Vespa? This DEADLY “Assassin” Vespa is worrying US authorities.

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Killer Wasp Kills Mouse in 1 Minute

A video that went viral on the internet (07/05) shows this Wasp killing a Rat in less than 1 minute with its bites and injecting venom. The mouse still showed reaction to try to escape but could not and ended up dying. Watch the video below:

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The Asian Wasp is bringing panic to the US population, as they can also be lethal to humans. This species of Vespa Assassina is originally from Asia and its first record on American soil was at the beginning of the year.

After all: Should we fear the “Assassin Wasp”?

Contrary to what is said about the “Assassin Wasp”, who should fear bees and not humans. Bees that produce honey are its main targets, being able to kill thousands of bees in a day.

They use a sophisticated strategy for their attack, according to researcher Fabio Nascimento, a professor at USP. “During attacks, groups of workers cover a wasp and by vibrating their wing muscles, create a kind of ‘microwave’ with their bodies that can reach around 43°C and cook the wasp.”

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