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Kikki Danielsson talks about the abuse in Renée’s bridge – dreams of falling in love again

Kikki Danielsson opened up about difficult years, abuse and poor contact with her children when she visited Renée’s bridge. Today, she finds it difficult to trust people, she says, but at the same time dreams of falling in love again.

Photo: TV4

Country and dance band singer Kikki Danielsson recently visited Renée’s dock where she opened up about difficult moments in life. In the years around 50, after she went through a divorce and was arrested for drunk driving, she also had no contact with her two children. “It was very dark,” she tells the program.

Press offices in the media took it hard

Kikki and the children then found their way back to each other, and although she had always hoped that her own children would not have to become children of divorce, it became a necessity when love ended in her marriage. “They, like so many other children, became victims in that process,” she tells Renée. The years were also marred by alcohol abuse, which was rooted in self-loathing, guilt and shame, she says. At the same time, she was persecuted by articles in the media that took a toll on both her and the children. “I was so pissed off and disappointed in myself,” she says when she talks about the difficult years.

Being cheered up by Renée

The years have left their mark on her, and Kikki reveals in the program that she has difficulty trusting other people, and often finds it difficult to go out and find things she likes to do. “I live alone and am not looking for new contacts,” she tells Renée, who at the same time reminds Kikki that she is too hard on herself. Kikki reveals in the program that she dreams of finding love again. “I would very much like to fall in love again, because I know how it feels. But I dare not. I only hurt people,” she says. Renée urges her to soak up the praise and love of others. “But you know that you are forgiven for your mistakes and that everyone makes mistakes,” says Renée in the program.

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