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Kicks ends with retouching of images and footage

Starting at the turn of the year, Kicks has stopped retouching all self-produced image and film material for both the company’s advertising campaigns and content. This is part of Kick’s work to counteract unrealistic and unhealthy ideals of beauty.

Photo: Kicks

Working for diversity, inclusion and norm-breaking ideals is important for Kicks, and therefore the company already has an image policy to ensure that all images in their channels follow the company’s values ​​and goals regarding inclusion and ideals. Now they are also tightening their policy, which means that the company no longer retouches self-produced material, apart from light and color adjustment. Furthermore, they also demand that influencers with whom they collaborate on behalf of the company do not retouch their material.

That we choose to stop retouching self-produced content is completely in line with our brand platform More of You, which is a promise that we should be inclusive and that beauty is for everyone. It should also be reflected in all our communications where we want to inspire everyone to find their own expressions of beauty and celebrate what makes us unique. To produce visual material that communicates unrealistic ideals of beauty then goes completely against our brand promise and our values,” says Carola Lundell, CMO at KICKS Group.

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