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Keys to detect your twin flame according to astrology

Finding his twin flame would allow the human being to elevate his spirituality.

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Experts in mystical issues affirm that every human being can have several twin souls, but only one twin flame, since to find it requires an energetic synchrony aligned to its maximum power.

Soulmate concepts, such as the twin flame. They have their origin in the early years of civilization.

In one of his works, Plato perhaps metaphorically presents a story where he points out that the first humans were beings with two heads, four arms and four legs, which allowed them to move more sagaciously and this at some point filled them with courage to challenge the Gods with the aim of dethroning them.

As expected, the humans were not only defeated, but in punishment Zeus took a sword and cut them in half, causing most of them to live today eager to find the part that complements them.

However, in a more contemporary vision, the existence of the twin flame, which is defined as a unique energetic connection between human beings, which can be expressed with a partner or a friend, friend or family member.

However, This strong and unbreakable bond to another being is not always destined to be the love of our lives.

In this sense, finding a soul mate first demands developing a connection with our True Self.

By knowing ourselves well, with our virtues and defects, perhaps then at some point in existence we will feel an automatic magnetic attraction as soon as our Being detects an energy manifested through a person to whom we connect karmically and spiritually.

All this must go beyond a physical attraction, because it will be as if both beings have known each other forever and they will automatically feel complete.

From that moment on, the understanding will be mutual and deep and tranquility or well-being will prevail.

Having found your mirror soul, the deepest fears will also arise, but an inexplicable security will instinctively develop when being together and the ability to understand will be mutual.

In this sense, scholars on the subject assure that due to what human beings have suffered in the last three years, being confined for a long time due to the pandemic, in some cases their spirits have risen and this has allowed several flames to spread. twins have begun to meet again.

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