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Keys to create a startup and not die trying • ENTER.CO

Startup is the buzzword. Every digital entrepreneur wants to create a fast-growing startup. But how easy is it to build one?

The digital transformation in the world has come hand in hand with the appearance of startups and these, likewise, have arisen from today’s digital needs. Every day new companies are created that have rapid growth and contribute to the strengthening of the digital ecosystem of the region.

In our country, the Rappi superapp became the first Colombian unicorn and surely it will not be the only one. Startups are finding the resources and ways to conquer the markets, providing solutions to people’s day-to-day problems. Government policies, networks of entrepreneurs, investment funds are strengthening the ecosystem.

But is it easy to create a startup? What steps should I follow? What things should I avoid doing?

We are going to give you a small guide of five keys so that you can start a startup and not die trying.

Look for an idea that generates a positive impact on people.

Finding a solution to a problem, improving a less-than-ideal solution, or creating something completely new that changes people’s lives should be your mission.

Ideas are everywhere and surely every day you face challenges that require a solution. So watch carefully and pay close attention because your business idea can come from where you least imagine.

But beware, a good idea without excellent execution leads to nothing.

Validate your business at an early stage

It is the best way to avoid losing money in the future. Listen to your market. Before making large investments, test your product, validate it with your customers and identify what works and what doesn’t. This is the best time to make mistakes and learn from them to make corrections.

The goal at this stage is to achieve an MVP (minimum viable product).

Seek support from experienced people

Entrepreneur networks, mentoring programs, innovation laboratories, networking spaces, government programs. There are many possibilities to find advice, training and mentoring from experienced people.

Do not miss the opportunity to show your ideas, ask for feedback and let yourself be guided by people who surely already know the way forward.

Don’t be afraid of accelerators or investors. Their goal, just like yours, is for your project to go ahead and be successful, because it will represent a benefit both for you and for them.

Get trained in technology

You can have a wonderful idea and surely you will look for a mastermind to help you execute it. But the truth is that if you do not know the minimum about the technological basis of your project, you will surely fail along the way. The world has become digital, day-to-day tasks are increasingly involved with digital, so if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, you may not be able to get very far.

There are thousands of options to train you, don’t waste time and start now.

Build a solid work team

Human capital is the most important capital of any project. Make sure you have a team that you not only relate to well, but that you fully trust.

The path of an entrepreneurship is not easy. As a startup, they will face many challenges and experience moments of adrenaline and quick decision-making. That is why you should select trained people who can adapt to the most complex situations. They are willing to learn and share their knowledge.

Finally take a risk. Do not wait any longer and take the leap to that entrepreneurship that you want to start and you have not been encouraged. There is never an ideal time to start a startup, but putting it off won’t get you anywhere either. Dare to dream, train, prepare, listen, learn and now: create your startup.

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