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Keys themed party decor

Looking for creative ideas to customize the birthday party🇧🇷 So know that ‘Chaves’ is a good option and promises to make the kids happy. The famous Mexican series that was successful in the 70s and 80s was transformed into a cartoon, thus serving as inspiration for decorating children’s events.

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A little about Keys

Characters decorate the main table.

THE Chaves’ gang is a humorous series that conquers generations. The production tells the story of an orphan and poor boy who lives in the courtyard of a village. In each episode the protagonist gets involved in funny situations with the neighborhood.

Other characters that stand out in Turma do Chaves include Quico, Chiquinha, Seu Madruga, Dona Florinda, Professor Girafales, Dona Clotilde, Senhor Barriga and Nhõnhõ.

The series continues to be an absolute success in Brazil and began to captivate children even more with the cartoon version, shown in the country by since 2007.

Keys theme in decoration

Build scenarios inspired by the Turma do Chaves.

the party of Chaves inspired birthday it deserves a special decoration, that is, decorations and colors that remind one of the humble Mexican village. To make the environment look more playful and fun, try to be inspired by the Chaves gang cartoon instead of the series.

To theme the party, assemble decorative panels with some famous scenes from the cartoon. Include illustrations of the characters in the pieces and distribute them on the walls, especially in the back area of ​​the main table. The panels can be designed on canvas, but in the absence of time to produce them, it is worth betting on medium or large stickers.

The decoration will become even more dynamic if the environment has Styrofoam decorations, representing the village houses and the characters. In the case of small pieces, try making a composition in the head tablemixing with the confectionery and the cake.

Lots of colors to make the party happy and fun.

With regards to party colors, organizers can feel free to explore the color effect. The decoration can abuse orange, green, brown, blue, yellow and red, leaving the environment fun and cheerful. To make the diversity of colors even more visible, invest in balloon arches.

To build real scenarios at the party, try to include a barrel in the decor, thus symbolizing Chaves’ home. Wooden ‘plaza’ style benches also match the theme and can be placed at strategic points to complement the decor.

Finally, suggest that the birthday boy dress in Chaves or Chiquinha, so the look will further enhance the theme of the party.

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