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Kevin Feige at DC? Rumor indicates that this almost happened.

Warner Bros. Discovery is actively looking for a Kevin Feige-style leader, and now a rumor has it that Feige himself almost left Marvel for DC in the past.

The rumor points out that Feige, at the height of his dissatisfaction with Warner during Phase 2 of the MCU amid internal clashes with Ike Perlmutter, would have considered taking over the helm of DC’s film division.


In the mid-2000s, Feige took charge of Marvel Studios after years of producing Marvel films at other studios. Under his command, Marvel Studios and the MCU have become a major power in the entertainment market and have marked the last few years, grossing more than $26 billion in global box office combined, and now reaching other formats with the series for Disney +.

kevin feige dc
Kevin Feige was instrumental in the success of the MCU. Disclosure / Marvel Studios

If on the one hand Marvel found unimaginable success, Warner Bros. failed to emulate this in the movies with DC Comics heroes. The company tried to establish a cinematic universe of its own, started in “Man of Steel”, but it ran into divisive films, an in and out of executives and even the departure of Zack Snyder.

kevin feige dc
Scene from “Man of Steel”, which tried to start the DC Extended Universe. Disclosure/Warner Bros.

DC has found another path to success by stopping trying to compete directly with Marvel and looking for alternatives for its films. But if Marvel Studios’ dominance is now absolute and Feige is seen as an irreplaceable leader of the company, the paths have almost taken another direction according to a new rumor.

During Phase 2 of the MCU, Feige was quite dissatisfied with the oversight of Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, his direct superior. Given Feige’s frustration with the limits imposed by Perlmutter as to what movies he could make and which characters to use, Kevin Feige would have seriously considered leaving Marvel and going to DC.

The information comes from insider Matthew Belloni, from Puck News, who revealed the move that never happened and that would have changed everyone in entertainment. While discussing ways to replicate Marvel’s success at DC, Belloni suggested trying again to get Marvel’s Kevin Feige, and dropped the information.

“[O presidente da Warner Bros. Discovery, David] Zaslav could make another attempt with Feige, who, I’m told, had a very serious talk with Warner a few years ago when he was trying to escape the oversight of then-mad Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter (Iger and Horn ended up taking Feige’s side, smartly) ,” he said.

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It’s not a surprise that DC reached out to Feige trying to get him out of Marvel, but it’s interesting to know that Feige would have seriously considered this idea. Feige and Perlmutter’s conflict is nothing new. The current president of Marvel Studios managed to overcome Perlmutter’s supervision in 2015, at the end of Phase 2 of the MCU, and began to report directly to the CEO of Disney.

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