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Ken, custom avatars and what’s new from Street Fighter 6 • ENTER.CO

Bad week to be working. The marathon of video game news and announcements, with this Thursday, September 15, being Capcom’s turn during the Tokyo Game Show 2022. And this time one of the games to which a lot of time was dedicated in the presentation was Street Fighter 6 For the busy person we have prepared this short summary with the most important updates of the game.

New confirmed characters

First thing: Yes, we know that Street Fighter 6’s character catalog is already known thanks to a leak. However, for those who still prefer surprise, Capcom introduced four new characters that will join the street combat in this game:


Accusations of orchestrating a criminal plot have forced Ken, a former United States National Wrestling Champion and former Vice President of the Masters Foundation, to leave his family and businesses to go into hiding.


A kind-hearted adventure tour guide and defender of nature, he features his signature Electric Thunder and Rolling Attack attacks, plus new Blanka-chan Bombs and the return of his Lightning Beast move.


A monk and yoga teacher, he channels his well-known fire techniques from previous games and masters moves like the Yoga Fire, Yoga Arch, Yoga Comet, and Yoga Flame.


A globetrotting sumo wrestler, he blends the old with the new, bringing back his signature moves like the Hundred Hand Slap and Sumo Headbutt, as well as his new Sumo Dash, in which he dashes forward with a traditional sumo sweep.

Extreme Combat

Street Fighter 6 will include a new combat mode that is meant to serve as a much more casual and chaotic mode. These matches are defined by new rules that define the win condition for players, and gadgets that add the chaos of Super Smash items to the Capcom franchise.

World Tour and Battle Hub

In World Tour mode, players will be able to create their own avatars. As players progress through the story mode, they will hone their avatars’ strength through street fights with various NPCs and meet masters like Ryu and Chun-Li who will teach them special moves from their own repertoires.

Street Fighter 6

Battle Hub is a battle lobby where you can bring your custom avatars and test your move builds with players from all over the world, including online tournaments. Players can also visit the Game Center to play Capcom retro classics like Street Fighter™ II and Final Fight.

Images: Capcom

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