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Keep your gun-scared dog calm and safe during the New Year – 12 tips

Here are the tips that will help you and your dog have a calmer and more pleasant New Year’s Eve.

Photo: Pexels/Unsplash

Soon it will be New Year’s Eve with noise and crash, literally speaking. Although sparkling fireworks are festive for us, there are many of our four-legged friends who absolutely do not appreciate the spectacle.

A quarter of a million dogs are afraid of bullets

About a quarter of a million dogs in Sweden are afraid of bullets, according to the Swedish Kennel Club.

– Never before have there been so many dogs as now and never before have there been so many unaccustomed dog owners. Many people who have no experience of having a dog may not even know that it is afraid of bullets, nor what can be done to mitigate the dog’s experiences when it barks, says Odd Einar Bruem, head of animal insurance at Svedea in a press release.

Therefore, here are some tips that can make New Year’s Eve a little more wonderful, even for your dog.

1. Rest in good time

Make sure the dog is rested in good time and do not go out around twelve o’clock. Dogs flee in panic every year when the pangs begin.

2. A pressure along the body can calm your dog

With a wide ribbon or piece of fabric you can tie as shown in the picture, it can help. Otherwise, there are specially designed ones lightning vests to buy.


3. Stay indoors

It is your responsibility that your dog feels safe. If you are indoors where the noise level is muted, you avoid possible escapes that could lead to unforeseen consequences. Prepare the home – pull down the blinds and try to dampen the sound as much as you can. Build a soundproof hut under the dining table, preferably using heavy fabric.

4. Keep the dog in a collar or harness

When you go out – keep the dog in a collar or harness with a strong leash, preferably with the leash loop around the wrist. The banging can last days both before and after New Year’s Eve.

5. Make sure your dog becomes familiar with the sounds

Leave the TV or music on for a while before the fireworks burn off. In this way, your dog can associate these sounds with security and calmness, thus reducing the risk of panic.

6. Cotton wool in the ears

Cotton wool in the dog’s ears or headphones often requires training, but try. Reward with candy.

7. If your dog hides, let him do so

If your dog hides under a table or other piece of furniture, do not try to pull your four-legged friend out from there. This can make the dog feel even more stressed and later relate that stress and fear to fireworks in the future.

8. Get a quilt or a blanket

A protective cover can make the dog feel more secure.

9. Touch

Touch – feel free to massage your dog, it also has a calming effect.

10. Reward!

If there is a particularly loud bang, you can give your dog a treat or favorite toy afterwards. It can give a more positive association to the firecrackers. As long as you don’t overdo it, then the dog may take advantage of it instead.

11. Keep calm yourself

Your dog sees your behavior and as long as you yourself stay calm and collected, it is positive for your dog. Be close to your dog so it feels your support.

12. Get help if you think these tricks won’t help

If your dog still gets stressed and scared by the fireworks, be sure to contact a veterinarian in advance. There are mild sedatives that are specially formulated to make your dog feel better in these types of stressful situations as it is difficult to completely avoid the sound of the bangs.

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