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Keep mobile data always on: yes or no?

Should we keep mobile data always on? What advantages and disadvantages can we point to this habit? Know everything.

keep the mobile data always on, or choose to turn them off to access the Internet through Wi-Fi connections, are options that users of smartphones take regularly in their day to day and which depend a lot on the prices charged by the operator that the user has chosen to associate with their device.

When we associate a smartphone to an operator, we are choosing a tariff for traditional communications, such as voice calls, but we can also choose a mobile data plan to spend on the access that we are going to have to the Internet using mobile networks.

Mobile data plans come with more or less fixed amounts of megabytes or gigabytes that we can spend. If we exceed them, our bill may grow or, if we have opted for a fixed plan, we may be without Internet access before the end of the month – a situation that does not happen if we access the Internet via Wi-Fi connections.

So, is there any advantage in choosing to keep mobile data connections permanently active? Find out all about it here.

Benefits of always-on mobile data

Greater availability

Can send and receive emails being away from any network wirelessbe able to access the iInternet and publish on your favorite social network without having to look for the hot spot with the nearest Wi-Fi, or being able to listen to music on streaming while running in the park without having to worry about losing the net or not is definitely an advantage. It adds well-being and carefree to your day to day, right?

The ever-increasing availability that mobile network operators’ broadcasters offer is undoubtedly good news for those who like to be always on.

better security

Wi-Fi networks are more insecure than mobile data networks provided by carriers. In the ‘top mais’ of insecurity are the hotspots Free public WiFiespecially those that do not require password of access.

While on private Wi-Fi connections, the password still guarantees a first degree of encryption to the data that is transmitted, free connections are much more subject to abusive use by hackers malicious.

Their objective is not so much to access the contents of your mobile phone, but more to access the data that identify you on the numerous sites you visit, such as social networks, banks or online stores.

In connections made by operators’ mobile networks, there is automatic encryption associated with the communication protocols used, which guarantees greater security and privacy for its users.

The price of mobile data varies depending on the operator and package chosen

Disadvantages of always-on mobile data

Very high price

By choosing to keep mobile data always on, the user may end up spending all the data of the plan that he has contracted with his operator and may have unpleasant surprises, either in the final bill, if he has not imposed a fixed cost, or during use. , if you are sending an important file and the connection is cut halfway due to lack of data. The speed at which data is spent depends a lot on the activity the user has on the Internet.

If you are watching low resolution videos on YouTube for 15 minutes, you can spend up to 26 MB of data. Remember the Pokemon Go game? It used to spend 10MB for just 30 minutes of use. With WhatsApp, if you send 10 voice messages, you can spend 1 MB of data. If you don’t have unlimited budget and are one of those who spend a lot, it’s best to turn off the data and connect via Wi-Fi from time to time.

There are numerous applications to help you manage the mobile data you spend on your mobile phone and see if you are one of the winners by keeping it always connected. Access free simulators like three.co.uk that help you figure out how many gigabytes of mobile data your ideal plan should offer.

spend more battery

In places where your operator still has poor mobile network emission, Internet access can be penalized and the constant search for better communications will drain your cell phone battery more quickly. If you know there is little 4G connection, turn off the data to save battery.

Slower access can cause simple download of a light file can last much longer than usual, consuming more energy than you would expect. Searching for Wi-FI connections also consumes battery, but to a lesser extent.

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