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KD Móveis Store – Catalog, Addresses

KD Móveis Stores – Catalog, Addresses it is part of the service offered by KD stores, which offers, in addition to furniture and decorative pieces, decoration solutions for environments. Since 1997, as a physical store, and since 2003, selling furniture online, the company, founded in Curitiba, works with various solutions in the segment of online furniture sales stores. Buying furniture over the internet has already become the choice of a large part of Brazilians, who are able to find better prices, convenience and practicality in receiving the goods at home, without having to go to a physical store. Check out more about how the KD Móveis service works.

KD Móveis Store – Catalog, Addresses. (Image: Disclosure).

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KD Móveis Stores – Catalog, addresses – Check it out!

Deliveries from KD Móveis Stores – Catalogo, addresses are made in 5,000 cities. The purchase is made through the website of the online furniture sales store: https://www.lojaskd.com.br/.

The company aims to help the consumer in choosing a variety of furniture on the internet. Through decorated environments, it is possible to buy decorated furniture and install them in the residence or commercial establishment. These are solutions offered with modular furniture, which take advantage of the space and are practical, just like the planned ones.

furniture and assembly

Just choose the environment, complete the purchase and wait for the furniture to be delivered to the environment of choice, at home. (Image: Disclosure).

The company offers hundreds of decorated environments, ready to be adapted to any home. They are complete rooms for couples, singles, offices. Environments decorated with hangers, beds, angle brackets, mattresses, chests of drawers, nightstands, wardrobes, closets, shelves, niches, dressing tables, shoe racks. There are still decorated environments for baby rooms, juvenile rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, laundries, bathrooms, gardens. Each decorated space is detailed and offered for sale. Just choose the environment, complete the purchase and wait for the furniture to be delivered to the environment of choice, at home.

The company is not responsible for assembling the furniture, but the website offers solutions: Do It Yourself, with an instruction manual, that is, it is possible to assemble the furniture yourself, at home, without professional help, or hire an assembler nearest, indicated by the website. The professionals are self-employed and have no ties to the store.

How to make a purchase at LojasKD?

It is very simple to make the purchase at the KD Móveis Store. (Image: Disclosure).

To make a purchase at LojasKD, it is necessary to access the company’s page, register with personal data information, before finalizing the order. It is necessary to register an e-mail and password, indicate the delivery address and manage and monitor the order, through the query system, which informs the status of furniture delivery, information via SMS and also in the customer area. Through the created account, exchange and assistance and return services are still available.

Locations and addresses

The service offered by Lojas KD Móveis – Catalogo, Addresses is completely virtual, carried out through a work that brings together 150 professionals. Although the company’s central office is located in Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, the distribution centers for furniture sales stores are spread across the country.

Deliveries of products from online sales stores are made in Brazil, through a service in partnership with carriers, which are specialized in transporting large volumes. Deliveries do not have a tracking code.

Approved orders

All delivery steps are informed. (Image: Disclosure).

Approved orders have the delivery time informed on the website, at the top of the page, where it is possible to monitor the delivery status. Delivery time is five business days, excluding local and national holidays. And since the service is completely online, all purchase and delivery steps are informed via SMS or registered email.

The online mobile sales store are solutions for busy and practical life. Learn more about all the facilities, on the internet, of KD Móveis Stores – Catalog, Addresses.

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