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Katy Perry admits to having made a “big mistake” by not working with Billie Eilish when they proposed it

Many artists make wrong decisions when they enjoy great fame, and he recognized this Katy Perrywho had the opportunity to work with Billie Eilish in 2015 but turned down the proposalsomething that he now regrets.

In a video posted on TikTok the interpreter of “Teenage dream” appears during a fan meeting and mentions how they informed him about a new singer, proposing to sing with Billie the song “Ocean eyes”: “She sent me an email once saying: ‘Hey, check out this new artist, we would really like to work with her because she was working with me on Unsurb Records‘. It was a song called “Ocean eyes” and (Eilish) was just a blonde girl, and I was like ‘Hey, that’s boring’…Big mistake, huge mistake”.

“Ocean Eyes” was Billie Eilish’s first single to hit the charts. charts and in 2016 it became a minor hit, leading to a successful career in which number 1 songs and several awards stand out grammy. Despite the fact that Katy added “do not let this reach the Internet” the clip has gone viral, but there are no hard feelings between the two singers, since they met a few years ago and expressed their mutual admiration.

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