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Kate del Castillo’s sister says that she came to see the actress “a bit strange” due to the use of botox

The actress Kate del Castillo He has given something to talk about in recent weeks due to the appearance of his face, because according to some criticism he received on social networks, he could have undergone a series of aesthetic arrangements, which is why he looks unrecognizable; while in recent days her name has been in the spotlight because her father did not know her during a family meal.

In the face of controversy, it was Veronica del Castillo who during an interview for the “Venga la Alegría” program referred to the series of criticisms her sister has received, starting with those who claim that her face looks completely different due to the abuse of botox. And it is that, although she confesses that she came to see her “a little strange”, she currently looks very good.

“It is not because it is my sister, but I, really, do not notice an excess of Botox. It makes me see her normal, I see her fine, normal, that is, like at some point she did look a bit strangebut right now I see it very well”, and explained that she is in favor of using botulinum toxin as long as it is in moderation, including for some medical treatment as is the case of her boyfriend, René de la Parra, who used because he had facial paralysis.

But given the rumors that the protagonist of ‘La Reina del Sur’ looks so different that even her father, actor Eric del Castillo, was unable to identify her during a family reunion, Verónica assured that it was not for that reason, but that her father is a little “clueless”.

“Not even my mom recognized her, my mom’s vision is perfect, what happens is that she was wearing shorts, with glasses, she hid behind a waiter. It’s a surprise and my dad approaches me to ask me one because he’s super clueless and two because they did not imagine it, because I told them that we were going to go with a friend of mine, “he recalled.

Likewise, he ruled out that his father suffers from memory loss, since the first actor enjoys excellent brain activity and vision appropriate for his age, leaving behind the versions that arise within social networks.

He has a memory He has a super active brain activity, super lucid, their anecdotes, everything that counts, everything that is learned. The sight thing, well, it’s normal because of his age, but from that to having a problem of dementia or Alzheimer’s, not at all. It could not be on the air, ”he commented.

Finally, he pointed out that the only thing his sister has changed is her character, since she has lived with the children of her current sentimental partner, Édgar Bahena.

“I feel very calm, how not as angry as on other occasions. Without a doubt and children, children transform people, ”she pointed out.

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