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Kate del Castillo calls Sean Penn a traitor: “He got into my bed”

Kate del Castillo, Mexican actress at the 2017 Latin American Music Awards.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer. /Getty Images

the protagonist of The Queen of the South of Telemundo and netflix, Kate del Castillogave an interview to Maria Antonietta Collinswho used a word to define the moment in which the actress is currently: “reinvention“. However, and although she has already said it before, this time the Mexican actress was relentless when talking about the actor from hollywood, Sean Penn.

We already know that it was the actor who arranged the meeting between Kate del Castillo and the drug trafficker El Chapo Guzmán. He took a plane that was rented to go to Guadalajara and from there to Sinaloa, where part of the cartel arrested today in the United States picked them up. But when Maria Antonietta Collins asked her about Sean Penn she didn’t just speak beauties and said he was a traitor.

“Who betrayed me because that will be him who will go to sleep peacefullybecause I do not give a fifth for that person. He took me with tricks, he got into my bed… a deplorable person “said Kate referring to Sean Penn.

Sean Penn cheated on Kate del Castillo

The star of La Reina del Sur assures that the artist was never transparent with her. That even after everything he put at risk in that encounter, he betrayed her by publishing an article for the magazine rolling stoness. For Kate this was something that hurt her, but also It showed him who his real friends are.

“It was a purification in my life in every way and they were very scary times, not knowing if you are going to survive that,” he says. Eric del Castillo’s daughter when talking about the dark moment in which she was investigated by the government of Mexico after having met with El Chapo Guzmán.

She acknowledges that they were moments in which panic paralyzed her, especially since her family still lives in Mexico. She now feels safer and even happy to return to her country. She started working on productions that talk about it and she even joked with the journalist María Antonieta Collins about whether she would like to be a Marvell superhero: “Not a new one. I would like to be the Mexican heroine that they need … a mexican latin. He would be great… ”.

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